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Gena - July 9

Tonight while I was at work I started seeing silver waterfalls looking things and also rainbowish lines. I looked this up on the internet and it says this can be a sign of gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. I checked my blood pressure and it was 124/80 and my blood sugar was normal. I was wondering if anyone knew if you could have gestational diabetes but your sugar always be normal?? I check it about once a week as directed by my Dr. and I have never been out of the normal range. I called the nurse at the ER and she was rude and told me not to worry about it. I'm going to call my Dr. tomorrow but was wondering if anyone knew anything about it?


lovemy3 - July 10

Hi there, I have had both those things and they can cause eye disturbances. I think that that is crazy for the the ER nurse to say that,and I would be going in and having someone check me out right away, Good luck


Gena - July 10

Was your blood sugar abnormal when you tested it?? How did the rest of your pregnancy go? I'm waitingfor a callback from my Dr.


ConfuseD - July 16

I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy (I had my fifth child last February), but never had any visual symptoms. Have you checked into the possibility of migraine headaches? I'm not sure, but it's possible your symptoms might be a "halo"-type thing that migraine headache sufferers often get before they get a migraine.


BriannasMummy - July 16

what is the normal range for your sugars? I tested mine yesterday and it was at 6.3 .. im thinkin thats good, however, I just dont know.


lovemy3 - July 16

hi there, when i tested my blood sugar it had to be within 4 and 6.


BriannasMummy - July 18

so is the 0.3 a lot over..or is that within a good place?


lovemy3 - July 19

I don't think that that is a big deal, but to be on the safe side give your dr a call and see what the they think. What range did they tell you?


BriannasMummy - July 21

My doctor hasnt talked about sugars or anything like that. I believe that they test your sugars when you are about 7 months into your pregnancy. Ill chat with them on Tuesday (my next appt). See what kind of info i can get.



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