Gestational Diabetes Anyone Else Out There

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Dot - August 12

I've just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (31 weeks). Are there others out there who have experience with this and can offer some advice? Thanks!


susan - August 17

hi there.. i was just diagnosed also at 33 weeks. i have no clue where to start as far as a diet is concerned and it is quite frustrating. . if you know of any good websites to plan meals i am interested. :)


Madhuri Bilwar - August 18

Hi I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 week. I am also worried but my doctor told me on a particular diet until the end of pregnancy.I am vegetarian also. can you tell me about what type of milk and yougut i should take (fat free or whole milk) That would really help me. please send me a mail. Thanks Madhuri


Vera - August 19

Fat free yogurt and milk is best. I have gestational diabetes as well. Went the whole nutritionist route. Fat as well as sugar raises your blood glucose levels. Also avoid milk in the morning...for some reason milk first thing in the morning will spike you sugar levels.


Vera - August 29

In response to Dot's posting...with all due respect, cheese, nuts and meats are not "freebies". they are proteins which are limited just like carbs, fats, starches for gestational diabetes is not just about watching carbs and is about balance...


Dot - August 29

Vera, I stand (sit!) corrected -- perhaps freebies was a poor choice of wording and you're absolutely right, it's about balance... I certainly didn't mean to encourage pigging out on cheese, nuts and meats. My instructions from the nutritionists/diabetes clinic list certain low fat cheeses and lean meats as zero in their CHO distribution though, and a small serve of nuts as a snack accrue minimal points (something like 3 grams), which was helpful to me when told I had to count everything for a week and to keep meals to 45g and snacks to 15g. (hence the term 'freebie", as low to zero points) I'm curious about the milk in the morning theory though. I haven't heard anything about that. Cheers!



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