Getting Pregnant After Ectopic

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hayleysenior - June 20

hi, my baby was ectopic doctors said it seems to have miscarried itself without an operation as my hormone levels are dropping, i was wondering when i should start trying again and what my chances are of another ectopic. i really dont want to go through this again but i want a baby so much. have my fertility chances dropped?? can anyone help please!


luvmydogs - June 21

Hey! My best friend had 2 ectopics in a row. Both were growing on her abdominal wall - the doctors said that lightning struck her twice. The odds are so low and yet it happened twice. She had to have surgery both times and the last time they had to remove one of her tubes. She now only has one working tube. She is pregnant again with a bouncing baby girl. So, even with one tube she conceived pretty fast...about 4 months. So, I would wait a couple of cycles so that your body has time to heal. You should have no problem getting pregnant right away. One ectopic, from what I read, does not decrease your chances of getting pregnant and doesn't increase your chance of another ectopic. Where was your ectopic located...cervix, tube,etc? Good luck and hopefully you will be back on track and pregnant in no time!


Britney23 - June 21

soryy Luvmydogs, but your facts are wrong. I went thru an ectopic early feb which was unfortunately only caught at 9 weeks, resulting in my losing my right tube. We took the top surgeon in the country for the surgery, and he said, which was reiterated by my dad who is also a gyno, that once you have had an ectopic, you have a 15% chance of having another. Do a google search on ectopics and you'll find the same info. It is NOT like getting struck by lightening twice!! HAYLEYSENIOR- I'm so sorry you had to go thru this. The good news is that I had my surgery feb 11, didn't get my period at all and got a pos hpt on may 10, and am now 10 weeks preggo with an in-utero baby-Thank God! So I also conceived pretty fast. Its worth it for you to wait a cycle ot 2 before conceiving again, cos if you don't, your risk of another m/c is higher-your body is still to week to deal with it. Many many women have gone on to have healthy babies after ectopics-and you will too! good luck!


Britney23 - June 21



luvmydogs - June 21

Brit--I was only repeating the information I got from a top OB doc in the midwest. He is actually writing a case book on her. And yes, the odds of it happening twice, growing on her abdominal wall, in the spot that it was each time would be like getting struck by ligthning twice. He said some astronomically low percentage. It was actually using one of her organs as a blood supply. I DO know that the tubes are the most common spots for ectopics. I apologize for the wrong info about fertility after an ectopic. I, obviously, got my information from a non-reputable website and I'm truly sorry. I need to start using google. Best of luck to both of you and please forgive my mis-information!


Britney23 - June 22

Sorry luvmydogs-i read the lightening thing in refrence to getting another ectopic - but you're right-the chances of it happening twice on the abdominal wall is really low. Its only the tubes really that increase your chances. Good luck with everything!


leila4444 - January 30

I was almost 6 weeks when i started bleeding on a friday at 1 am. called sos health, they said to lie down until and to stay calme, called my doctor on sat morning when bleeding had increased. she said the same thing not to wory and relax. VERY frustrating when you don't know whats going on. Monday morning i saw a clog come out so i went to the er. Did blood test and ultra-sound. they said the baby was lost and found nothing in my uterus. I had more blood test to do on wednesday to make sure my hormone level had gone down. so went for blood test on wed. and back for my results on thursday. thurs. morn. I started haveing enormous pain in my lower stomach, by the time i was in the doctors office the pain had gotten to an intolerable point. couldn't imagine it would get worst. The doctor said my hormones had gone up and that wans't normal, they put me back in the waiting room to see the gyno. which was on call that day, only arrived at 3 pm. during this time I though ui would die of pain, had never felt anything close to that much pain. started throwing up they gave me gravel it calmed me a little. then they did 2 ultra-sounds one outside and one inside. they one outside you urine has to be full and then they make you pee b4 they go inside, but they made me pee in a pot in the bed because i was plugged by hydrating solution. and in that pot it all came out, the placenta and everything iside , they send it to the lab. so when i finaly got to see the gyno, i was told i had an ectopic pregnancy and that i was very lucky to misscarry it on my own. It is extremly rare, less than 5 % usually i would have had surgery. NOw i can not find any info on this because its vaery uncommon and i would really like to know if my cilia could be damaged and what are my changes of concieving again soon and also are my risks higher of it happening again since i didnt get surgery. I found out smoking can be at cause i never smoked pregangt but i didn b4, i started again on monday if i stop now how long b4 my celia gets back to normal.I also read that a clamydia infection in the past can cause this and can reacure i have also had a clamydia which was treated early 10 years ago. IM so scared and lost and want to be a mother more than anything in the world, have no children yet , and we had been trying since july. wish someone had answers for me..:(


keb123 - February 25

I too had an ectopic November 08. I was told I had just had a miscarraige, but refused to leave the hospital until they did a scan. They did a scan and found ectopic and was 7 weeks. They removed my right tube and told me the most likely reason was because I had my apendix out when I was 10!! The doc told me that both my ovaries are okay and my left tube is healthy. I have been told by the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust charity that even though I now only have 1 tube on my left - if i ovulate on my right (where ectopic was), the left tube can still go to the right ovary to collect it. I will paste their email on here because it really put my mind at rest and has made me feel more positive for the future.


keb123 - February 25

Both ovaries compete each month to produce an egg and usually the one that's pulling ahead in the race continues and the other one gives up (but not always - sometimes women will ovulate from both ovaries in one cycle or twice from one ovary but these are rare events - they do explain how we get non identical twins though so there in no disputing it can happen) We don't' fully understand the process of ovulation and we make discoveries about it all the time most latterly that the tubes and uterus are lined with little receptor cells. Very recent research has suggested these cells are sensitive to cannabis It appears that at the point of ovulation these receptor cells are sent a chemical signal which literally 'switches' them on and the emit a signal that attracts a similar receptor in the egg and in the sperm to come and meet in the same place i.e. the fallopian tube. When we ovulate; though the egg is most likely to travel down the nearest tube, there is some evidence to suggest this is not always the case. At the point of ovulation some very delicate structures called the fimbriae begin to move gently creating a slight vacuum to suck the egg toward the end of the tube it's nearest too. So this is all happening - if you have only one tube then there is only one set of receptors working and one set of fimbriae creating a vacuum and so the egg is much more likely to find its way to that tube whichever ovary it's produced from. Conservative estimates suggest that an egg produced on the tubeless side manages to descend the remaining tube around 15 to 20% of the time depending upon which studies you read. This means that rather than your fertility being halved - your fertility is probably no different to what it was before your ectopic - a__suming fertility is the ability to produce a fertilisable egg and or quality sperm. If you can do this before ectopic you can almost certainly do it after ectopic, so rather than a reduction of fertility it's more that the opportunity to conceive has been affected but not by half - by around 30% Or looking at it another way it means we have around a 70% opportunity of conception with each cycle so it's not all bad news at all


pitbullmom - March 3

I got pregnant 1 month after my ectopic pregnancy, I felt like that ment it was the end of our baby hopes at the time but really its not! Keep your chin up!


Light house - March 16

I was diagnosed as ectopic pregnancy last Friday and given a MTX shot. I just come in to have my HCG test today. Although my initial symptom is spotting and little bleeding. I have no bleed for at least the past week. I thought I out to have a period-like bleeding to clear the uterus. I was sad about the ectopic pregnancy. It feels like killing my baby even it is the right thing to do. I am more worried about when it is going to over, having decreasing hormones and have an actually bleeding. When shall I expecting to have a bleeding? If it is not happedn, do I have to receive a D&C eventually? That sounds even awful. Thanks.


BluedBliss - March 29

Thank you SO much for your post on this. I had an ectopic several years ago and they said it would be 50% harder for me to get pregnant without one of my tubes. I researched the EPT and saw that there is hope for another live birth and maybe it won't be as hard as originally expected.


dorean - March 30

In your last etopic did you have your tubes removed? I had an etopic sept 08 and am pregnant again. I did the home pregnancy test and it shows a faint pink. I am scared my HCG levels are low and I migt be having another etopic pregnancy. I really want to have this baby. The first day of my last period was 27 feb. My Dr. won't even seem me before 6 weeks. I am getting so scared


dorean - March 30

My hcg count did take some time to go low.. but i told the dr that i did not want another injection if i we could just wait and see. It did go low. I had a lot of cramping and vomitting after the injection. I am not sure if it is good to have the injection or get your tubes removed as now I am scared I am pregnant again .. and am waiting and praying that it is not etopic.


BluedBliss - March 31

Dorean, I'm not a doctor or anything but I can tell you about my experience. I had an ectopic at 20 in 2002 and lost the tube due to the extremity of the injury. In 2005, when I got pregnant, I too has TERRIFIED that it could be another ectopic. The lines on my test were also very faint. My doctor wouldn't see me until I was in my 2nd trimester. I was furious! I had even told them that I had had an ectopic pregnancy before and they still refused. What I ended up doing was going to Planned Parenthood for an ultrasound a few days after I found out I was pregnant. The only thing about it that sucked was that they wouldn't allow anyone else in the room with me (including my husband) and it did cost about 100 bucks out of pocket. But if you ask me, that's a small price for peace of mind. I had no problems in my pregnancy. However when I delivered, I suffered a post-partum hemmorage, which may or may not have been a result of the previous ectopic. I now have a healthy 4 year-old and my husband and I are trying for another. I wish you the best in your pregnancy and I hope my story helped you. Take care and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


dorean - March 31

I just did another HPT today and it is still faint pink. The problem with me is I still have the defected tube with me.


MydnyteEyez - April 23

wow. I am sooo sorry all you ladies are having problems. I am in week 2 of recovery from the removal of a 12 week fetus from my lower left tube. I got such a run around by my OBGYN and the hospital ER last normal period was in Jan, so by mid Feb I knew something was up. I went and was tested twice a week until the 20th of March when I was told I was preg. the same day I started to bleed...went to the hospital the 21st, told to go home and rest. hospital again on the 22nd, the OBGYN examined me, told me I was miscarrying and scheduled me for a D & C WITHOUT an ultrasound the next day, the 23. Okay ladies...THEN a week later, he tells me there was NO MISCARRIAGE. So the D & C was pointless (perhaps they would have known if the ultrasound was done?). THEN...I was still having bleeding from the 20th of March until this saturday past. I knew something was wrong, I was still cramping and still in a fair amount of pain. April 11th I went back to the hospital screeching in pain and vomiting. The ER dr FINALLY did an ultrasound, sent me home on 3 different medications, one for an infection (that I never actually had), one to stop the bleeding and one for cramping. The following day while running errands I was told to come in and see the OBGYN on call, he wanted to speak with me. He was covering the ER while the other 3 OBGYN's in my city went on vacay. Just so happens that the ultrasound radiologist and he went through med school together and my report was brought to his attention. so 7pm on April 11th, I had my ectopic pregnancy removed. The saddest part? When I had the ultrasound done, I could pick out features and see the heartbeat :(...After a two day hospital stay, and now a six week recovery, I am VERY lucky to find a Dr that finally gave me some answers. Because of the high stress, I was taken out of this semester of univeresity and now have to deal with getting my academic record wiepd and not being held responsible for my tut_tion. I am looking into hiring a lawyer, because the D & C was pointless, and a careless decision. I had visted the ER 3 times, and had blood work done twice a week until my last surgery on the 11th. I hope NO one EVER has to go through this...and that now that I have answers, I can FINALLY move on, and some day, be the best mother I can be.



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