Getting Pregnant After Ectopic

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MydnyteEyez - April 23

wow. I am sooo sorry all you ladies are having problems. I am in week 2 of recovery from the removal of a 12 week fetus from my lower left tube. I got such a run around by my OBGYN and the hospital ER last normal period was in Jan, so by mid Feb I knew something was up. I went and was tested twice a week until the 20th of March when I was told I was preg. the same day I started to bleed...went to the hospital the 21st, told to go home and rest. hospital again on the 22nd, the OBGYN examined me, told me I was miscarrying and scheduled me for a D & C WITHOUT an ultrasound the next day, the 23. Okay ladies...THEN a week later, he tells me there was NO MISCARRIAGE. So the D & C was pointless (perhaps they would have known if the ultrasound was done?). THEN...I was still having bleeding from the 20th of March until this saturday past. I knew something was wrong, I was still cramping and still in a fair amount of pain. April 11th I went back to the hospital screeching in pain and vomiting. The ER dr FINALLY did an ultrasound, sent me home on 3 different medications, one for an infection (that I never actually had), one to stop the bleeding and one for cramping. The following day while running errands I was told to come in and see the OBGYN on call, he wanted to speak with me. He was covering the ER while the other 3 OBGYN's in my city went on vacay. Just so happens that the ultrasound radiologist and he went through med school together and my report was brought to his attention. so 7pm on April 11th, I had my ectopic pregnancy removed. The saddest part? When I had the ultrasound done, I could pick out features and see the heartbeat :(...After a two day hospital stay, and now a six week recovery, I am VERY lucky to find a Dr that finally gave me some answers. Because of the high stress, I was taken out of this semester of univeresity and now have to deal with getting my academic record wiepd and not being held responsible for my tut_tion. I am looking into hiring a lawyer, because the D & C was pointless, and a careless decision. I had visted the ER 3 times, and had blood work done twice a week until my last surgery on the 11th. I hope NO one EVER has to go through this...and that now that I have answers, I can FINALLY move on, and some day, be the best mother I can be.


dorean - April 24

I am suprised they did a D&C without even confirming the fact that you had a baby in the Uterus..that's such an arbit decision. Glad atleast there is someone who diagonised you correct in the end. I would definitely consult a lawyer in this case if I were you.


Diana_AG - May 8

Hi there..I'm so sorry for all you ladies going through this.I know how difficult it is losing a baby and having trouble conceiving as well..I too had an ectopic 2 years ago and lost my left tube.. We've been trying now for 8 months and finally I'm 6 weeks pregnant!! Funny thing is I did a HSG test (have to be done right after you finished your period) to see if my right tube was blocked, it wasn't.. We got pregnant the same month after the test. Which made me wonder if the test had anything to do with it? Anyways, I still have not seen the doctor to check if everything is fine.. Untill my appointment, I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy.. So far no bleeding and all seems normal.. Good luck to all of you and have faith as there is always a chance of getting pregnant again, even 1% is still a chance..


miserablemama??? - March 2

hello all. i am a 20 yr old female who had my first ectopic 2/18/08 which caused me to lose a tube. i had a second ectopic 1/7/09 where i lost half of my second tube. i have acquired PID 3 times as well as 2 bacteria sti's prior to ectopics as well as was raped and received v____al tearing and scaring. is invitro or adoption my only alternatives? i really want a baby and im still very young i dont have the type of money that places invitro as an option !!!!!!! sum1 please help me suggestions very much welcomed


BluedBliss - March 2

I had an ectopic in 2002 and was blessed with a beautiful baby boy in 2005 but I suffered a postpartum hemmorage following his birth. I just recently had another beautiful baby boy in January and here's what happened:A few days before I was induced, I was diagnosed with shingles. They induced me because of severe pre eclampsia. They gave me magnesium. It was terrible. I pushed for 2 1/2 hrs and then they decided on a c section. I had a postpartum hemorrage and almost got a full hysterectomy in order to save my life. Luckily they saved it but told me no more kids. I lost 6 liters of blood and had a blood transfusion that consisted of 6 bags of blood. I was then diagnosed with HELLP syndrome which basically shuts down your liver and from what I understand, only 2% of women are diagnosed with HELLP.  All my vitals dropped a few days later and I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my lung. I also got an infection in my uterine wall called Endometritis and my colon as well called Seadiff. I spent 6 days in the hospital only to come back 6 days later with pain in my abdomen. I had a wicked UTI and 2 hematomas under my abdominal muscle. I spent a week in the hospital so they could treat the infections and the severe pain caused by the hematomas and I was also given 2 bags of plasma because my platelet count was too low to treat the infections efficiently. Now that I'm home it's just a matter of pain management and dealing with the blood clot in my lung with daily Lovenox shots and coumadin. Now I'm showing symptoms of PID. I know it's not recommended but I want more children so I want to know, has anyone else had these complications and could they in any way be related to the ectopic (especially the postpartum hemmorages)? I'd appreciate input on this. Thanks!


zoet153 - August 6

I was 8 weeks pregnant when i had my ectopic i never had any symptoms at all apart from a wee bit spotting they told me on a scan so i had to get the mex shot after 2 weeks after having that i started gettin a wee bit pain in the bottom of my stomach witch shouldnt of happened as i was told the pain or bleeding comes 3 to 7 days after the shot so i went bk to my doctor and told them about this on the friday morning and they told me i just had an urine infection by the sunday i was taking into hospital with more pain they had done a scan and told me the baby was still growing in my tube and that i was leaking blood and sum fluid so i never had a urine infection.. i had to get surgery done straight away even though my hcg levels were going down realy quickly so didnt realy understand it. i had to get my right tube removed but i am now trying for another baby straight away with my partner and was wondering if anyone has fallen pregnant straight away after surgery plus it took me and my partner a while to concieve the first time. thanks


stesimpson - August 7

This will be strange...but I'm a man posting on here. In February 2010 me and my girlfriend found out we where pregnant. We went from the incredible high of finding out to her having a miscarriage whilst we were on holiday a few weeks later. It was only by chance that she went to the doctors to get everything checked when we got basck and they said it was ectopic. After a couple more weeks she had one of her tubes removed. We've been trying to get pregnant since and it's not happened yet. We've both got children from previous relationships so there's no problem getting pregnant previously. Is there any advice for getting pregnant after an ectopic?


zoet153 - August 9

stesimpson iv been told alot of people can get pregnant realy quicky after an ectopic not sure tho me and my partner are trying again


candrea321 - January 12

i had a misscarage in april (2010)and got pregnant again right away in may i had a ectopic may 2nd (2010)i was 5 weeks pregnant almost 6 and i got rushed in to surgery i was bleeding 2 death and they said my left tube ruptured and when i got out of surgery they said they saved it and now its bean 8months and im still not pregnant and periods r some times a week late and some times right on time will i ever get pregnant again? im so scared though that was the hardest part of my life. i had a daughter before all this and no problems and perfect pregnacy now nothing im so scared. had her may 23rd 2009. whats weird 2 is every time i toke a pregnacy test with the misscarage and ectopic the lines parley would pop upand my daughter it was as bright as can be so if i ever can get pregnant again and i have a light colored test i will be so freaked out


Due3sep - January 30

I had an ruptured ectopic in Nov 08 and had my left tube removed. I already have 2 daughters and was not trying to cconceive again. The surgery for the tube removal was mentally scaring as the doctors missed the ectopic and sent me home with internal bleeding which prolonged the pain and I found recovery hard as all I could think about was that I nearly lost my life! To my husbands and my surprise after 1 evening back in dec, I found myself taking a pregnancy test on Christmas Day and it was positive! We are weeks pregnant now and have had an early scan at 6 weeks which showed an in uterine pregnancy and the heart beat- the most amazing thing is that I always have ovulation pains from the ovary which now has no tube and so told the sonographer that I was surprised to be pregnant as I didn't think my right ovary worked! She confirmed that the egg that was now our baby did in fact come from my left ovary and had found it's way to the uterus!! It feels like a miracle and this little one has turned all my precious thoughts into joy- so for anyone that has suffered a tube removal, my story is proof that the human body is very clever and despite having 1 tube missing my body has overcome this and made a new little one to add to our family!! E a


Dee25 - February 6

Hi had an etopic pregnancy last year in June 2010 had my period a year or so after having my first baby, didn't have my period till I was trying to stop b___stfeeding since I was travelling an had to have the malaria tablets. My period in June came an went didn't think I had anything wrong but then in July period was late an when it came didn't stop bleeding till I came back to london. M mother looked at me an said I think u are pregnant did a pregnancy test an it was positive but I was still bleeding went to my doctor an she send me straight to the early pregnancy unit for an scan where they couldn't find anything so had to have blood tests they were positive swell but wasn't doubling it as it supposed to then 2 weeks later had another scan anthey told me I had a misscarriage and had twins. They couldn't find the baby so they couldn't do an operation so had to have the injection an was told not to try to get pregnant for 6 weeks that was at the end of July. Had my period normally august and September but by October there was no period went hospital one doctor did the pregnancy test it was negative they thought I had malaria second doctor did a second test an it came back positive was send to my gp an she send me straight to the early pregnancy unit for a scan cos I didn't remember my last period couldn't tell how many weeks I was an because I had a risk of having a second topic pregnancy doctors saw me straight away first scan nothing appeared second scan heartbeat was there dating scan I was almost 10 weeks gone..... Wasn't trying for a baby second time round cos of I was told but am now almost 5 months this week.... I just like to share my story that pregnancy after an topic can happen hopefully normally!! Having my 20weeks scan this week all I wanna hear is everything is fine and baby is healthy. I know we get scared when this happens to us an it did hurt getting the injection as i had to get rid of the baby but I guess I was given a second chance an am sure all of u will to don't give up hope ur prayers will be answer!! Good luck to all of u and I hope my story help a Lil bit... Don't give up trying!! xxx


xoraya - February 17

Hi pittbullmom. I had an ectopic pregnancy surgery also 2 weeks ago now. Did you conceive straight away? After the surgery? My right tube was removed and I feel fine now and wanted to know more about what happened to you. I want get pregnant straight away but not sure if its ok or not. I'm letting it be. However I feel healthy and ok to try. And I still have my left tube and 2 ovaries??


zoet153 - February 18

hi xorays i had the same thing with y right tube removed i started trying straight away and 4 months later i fell pregnant as long as u feel ok i would try again


xoraya - February 18

Hi zoet. Thanks so much for your prompt response. I'm trying again now cause I feel fine regardless what the doctors say. I'm 35 so I don't have as much time as a 20 year old. I I hope this time when it happens, it's all good.


Frankie1982 - February 20

Hey, I know how you feel I had to have surgery as well and lost part of my right tube, that was in early January. My doctor wants us to wait a few months but I feel fine and its been a good six weeks. And just a few days ago a home pregnancy test was positive. I am supper happy, but worried at the same time. I will be seeing my doctor this week, we'll see what she has to say. My thought is that it happened to my tube the entire trauma part, so why would my not want to start again, and if my body conceived this early then it must be ok. Fingers crossed! Hope you get some good news soon! :)


collette25 - February 28

Help Im just out of hospital after having an ectopic Pregnancy they removed my left tube and told me my right one was twisted and had a cyst at the end of it but they would put up a dye and if it comes out of the tube its ok if not they'll have to do a laperoscpy?? to reconstruct the tube! Im only 25 i have scarring frm chylamida and i have been trying to concieve for 3yrs and now this! im so scared and lonely that il never be able to have kids but by reading so many heartfelt stories i feel like Im somewhere that someone can help me by telling me wat i can do? When i went to the doc to tell her i was bleeding for 15days in a row she never even askd me to do a preg test she just put me on premnloit which stops bleeding but it didnt went to hospital following week cuz pain got so bad they did scan said i miscarried took bloods told me to go hme then rang me 24hrs later said HCG was 1300 to come back went back in agony did inner and outter scan found ectpic 11 weeks old Devastated from head to toe :( v sad n lonely



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