Getting Pregnant After Ectopic

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MagnificentMe84 - July 13

Thank you we will surely try that I want just 1 or 2 more kids and we will be done I just dont wanna go thru another episode like last time.


bimbemboolie - August 30

Hi everyone, I'm new here, in fact new to any kind of's been too painful to talk about until now! I'm 27 and 11 years ago at 16 I had to have my left fallopian tube removed due to a cyst. 9 years ago I had to have my left ovary removed due to a cyst. 7 years ago a cysr successfully removed from my right ovary and again 5 and 6 years ago! 2009 I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks the gave birth to my beautiful son Teddy in 2010, he is now 18 months. Jnuary this year I fell pregnant again but they told me I was miscarrying at 6 weeks, they were wrong, at 9 weeks I collapsed with an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in internal bleeding. I had surgery to remove the ectopic but there was so much blood they had to cut me open 7 inches downwards through my stomache to remove 2 litres from my stomache and 3 from my chest cavity. I had a 4 pint blood transfusion and was in intensive care 4 days. I suffered so terribly with panic attacks after that my GP put me on citilopram and said that I am not to get pregnant whilst using them. I am so desperate to start trying again but cannot cope without my tablets and I'm also petrified that it might happen again and this time I may die and leave my son and husband without me. Am I being selfish?


karlynsmommy5610 - January 12

I had a ectopic pregnancy myself. I miscarried in feb 2010 at 10 weeks did not have to have a D&C then i got pregnant again in Sept. 2010 and had a healthy daughter in May then on Nov. 2010 i got pregnant again and at 9 weeks i started bleeding so i went the ER and they done lab work and exam and i was told to go home that i was just bleeding then the next day the bleeding and pain got worse so i went to another ER and they did blood work and exam and ultrasound and found out that i have a ectopic so they sent me to a OB and gave me then MTX shot. Followed up with the OB which was the same exact doctor i used when i was pregnant with my daughter! He did blood work twice a week for a week then i only had to go once a week cause my HCG levels were going down. Then i started hurting again really bad so i called the doctors office and they told me i was nothing since my levels were going down but i went anyways! They did another ultrasound (Keeping in mind when they did i had the MTX shot 11 days old) come to find out the shot did not work and had my right tube removed the next day! My doctor told me that it was still able to have more children but i had a 50 50 chance on getting pregnant again.. So i give everyone my prayers and im so sorry you have to go threw this cause i know i dont ever want to do it again.


blondemumma - January 12

I had an ectopic a year and a half ago (when my first daughter was only 5 months old) and had to get 1 tube removed as my tube actually burst. I have now just found out I'm pregnant after trying for 2 months. I was told when I had my ectopic that i would go from a 90% chance to a 70% change of getting pregnant again. But it only took 2 months. And with my first daughter it took 3 months and I only have one tube now. I just pray that this pregnancy is a normal pregnancy in the correct place :)


RandiRobles23 - January 15

So i had one ectopic in feb 2010 solved with mxt. Another in sep 2011 which resulted in surgery and lost my left fallopian tube. and am now pregnant again found out 3 days ago. The first to i had a period and v____al bleeding the whole time. this time i have missed a period and am not having any bleeding which gives me some relief but i am still petrified that i might have another one and this could ruin my chances of ever getting pregnant again. i really do not know what to think at this point. has anybody had a ectopic pregnancy with out v____al bleeding and if so what was the most significant symptom something was wrong?


xoraya - January 15

Hi Randi. I had an ectopic pregnancy almost a year ago now and my symptoms were just severe chronic pain that was unbearable. I had no sign of v____al bleeding and because of that, i thought it was not the baby. Thought i had a chronic case of constipation. The pain hit me in the morning and felt i needed to do # 2. I did and felt better. Then i went to work and the pain hit me again. I went to the bathroom and tried to go to the toilet but it was just too painful. Everytime i tried to push i felt like i was going to die. I went as white as a ghost and could not stop sweating. I was literally a dripping tap. Anyway so i was rushed to hospital and advised i had an ectopic pregnancy. I was bleeding internally as my tube had ruptured which led to the removal of my right tube. This was the most painful horrific experience I have ever encountered and does not wish this upon anyone. I was 7.5 weeks pregnant when this happened. Just stay on top of it and if you feel something is not right, go to the hospital where they can check thoroughly for you. I was checked at my gyno 1 day before this happened and he told me everything was fine and that there was a heartbeat. Anothere reason why i kept thinking it wasn't the baby. So I would check at the hospitals where they have better facilities to check the baby. Hope that gives you an idea if you feel something is wrong. Also don't stress too much, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Just let it be and if you feel any little thing wrong, go to the hospital. S


losinghope2010 - January 20

Has anyone here had lost one tube and still has their other tube but its damaged? and had a successful pregnancy?


Samsmilo - January 26

I had 2 ectopic pregnancy's in April of 2009 and 2010..I had surgery on my right tube just to remove baby (tube still in tact). I had a shot to teminate the pregnancy on my left side after that. It is now 1/26/2012 and I am pregnant AGAIN. Only 5 weeks. I havent had an ultrasound yet, and no bad pain on one side, so Im praying this one will be OK.


myka - February 8

Hello everyone im new to the site. I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2002 (right side). this was my very first pregnancy ever. i didnt have to have any surgery or d&c just the two shot of met and thts was it. my question i i havnt been pregnant since i dont know if that one pregnancy ruined me. i had a procudure done in 2005 to see how was the blood flow in my tubes come to find out my right side was blocked with scare tissue which he pushed thru with some kind of medical dye and some blood flow begin to come out of my tubes. the left side is fine i could see on the monitor that there was no scare tissue blocking the left side. im just concerned that i wont be able to have kids. im 31 and since 2002 nver experienced it since. should i be worried een if the dr. say its nothing wrong??? blank stare!!!


[email protected] - February 10

I just had an ectopic pregnancy as well just last week I had to get my right tube removed. The doctor told me that the chances of having another ectopic pregnancy are a bit higher since I've had one, but that if I wanted another child to go for it since I still have my other tube. I am afraid that it will happen again though and that I will have to lose my other tube and I really want a child BAD! I love children so much and I am at the age where I want to begin starting my family. I had began having sharp pains in my abdominal area, I was light headed an dizzy, very weak, and when I laid down I could not breath. I then was rushed to the emergency room where they informed me of the ectopic pregnancy and also rushed me to have an emergency operation to remove my tube. The doctor said that I was about 7 weeks pregnant and that my stomach was FULL of blood. I would not be here today if I would not have decided to go to the emergency room so I am so grateful that I decided to go. My question is about how long should I wait to try to have another child because although I am afraid I really want a child of my own? Also is this one of my most fertile times? I was told that after pregnancy you are very fertile so it should not take very long to get pregnant again. I really hope that that is the case for me because I thought that I could not conceive because I have been having unprotected s_x for a couple of years and never got pregnant until now. I really hope to become pregnant soon though! I get excited just thinking about bringing a child into this world to hold and care for!!


ihavefaith - February 14

hi i just came home yesterday from having surgery for an ectopic pregnancy it hurts a lot because i always thought i couldn't get pregnant cause i tried for years and nothing i have always had an irregular period so missing a period was normal to me i went to the doctor because i was having pains in my lower stomach and on my a__s i thought it was kidney stones and i went to the doctor and they told me i was pregnant with my first child i was 6 weeks 4 days with an ectopic pregnancy and had to get my tube removed the doctor kept trying to force birth control on me but i wouldn't do it I'm very afraid because with me trying so hard before and with the irregular periods and my doctor telling me its going to be very hard to conceive again i don't know what to do please can anybody give me some words of encouragement and also tell me when i should consider trying again.


nevaehsmom - March 7

Hi I'm new on here I decided 2 share my story because I'm confused I recently suffered from an eptopic pg on new years day2012 and the done a scan and found out I was5wks gne I had to have surgery which left me loosing my right tube . After surgery I had after surgery bleeding 4 4days at the beggining of jan .on valentines day I still hadn't seen a period and it had been 6weeks afta surgery so I decided to do a preg test which was faint but positive I went straight to the early preg unit we're they done a scan and cudnt find anyfing they dun blood tests 4 hcg and at the beginning were at 82 then 48hrs later they Ddnt go up by much they went to 89 so they done another blood test 2 days later they rang me to say they had gone 2 500 so I need to have a scan .they still cudnt see anyfing they done mre tests and they went to 1200 by then they saw just a sac which was very tiny then 2 days later I had another scan which was still a empty sac but had grown the doctors dnt know wen I concieved cuz I hadn't come on my period after surgery but she is guessin I'm arnd 4wEeks I have to go bk in 2 weeks time and I'm scared as the doc sed it may be a misscarrage .any 1 out there had the same probz.thanx


ihavefaith - March 9

Hi my doctor told me that after surgery u shouldnt have s_x for 2 weeks to give yourself time to heal and even then use a condomshe also said that you should wait at least til after you have had you second period to try to concieve again because the period u had was just you body trying to get back in order if u don't wait there is a very strong possiblilty for an miscarriage cause your uterus hasn't got itself back to normal I hope and pray that's not what it is for you cause losing kids back to back like that is horrible I wish u all the best and good luck


nevaehsmom - March 10

Thank u ihavefaith for your msg wen I had my surgery all my doctor said 2 me was if I do get pregnant again I must go get a scan straight away they ddnt warn me that I had to wait me and my partner had been trying 4 two years prior so this was a major shock. I asked my doctor why you usualy have to wait when I had my scan and she sed it is really just to know your dates and when you concieved cuz I have had so many scans because I was scared it was another ectopic but the baby is in the right place and my b___bs have doubled in size lol but nxt friday is the day when I shall know 100percent if the embroyo is growing and I pray to god almighty it is xxx


ihavefaith - March 10

No problem I had to get a second opinion after I had my surgery because all my the surgery doctor did was offer me birth control and tols me it would be harser dor me to get pregnant and since I had an ectopic before I was at high risk fr another one if I ever got pregnant again I didn't believe her so I got a second opiniin and she sat me down ans explained everything step by step with me so goos luck I don't think fos would keep blessing us with pregnancies just to keep taking thwm away I know u will be ok and you will have a healthy pregnancy foos luck


nevaehsmom - March 10

thanx ihavefaith for ur kind words I shall keep u updated after I have my next scan thanx



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