Getting Pregnant After Ectopic

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annapowell - July 17

getting pregnant after tubal pregnancy can be difficult and there are risks. Ectopics are often caused by scarred fallopian tubes which cause the early embryo to get stuck in the tube before it reaches the uterus. Sometimes tubal pregnancy can cause significant damage to the inner lining of the tube. wait for a few months for the damaged area to heal and then try. IVF must be the next option in row


mzjenkins - November 19

hi everybody, I'm new to the forum and I just want to know if anybody has been in my position and what was their outcome. well I had a tubal ligation done 5 years ago after I had my last child. April 15 2012 it was done same time my son was born. okay so I marry my now husband move out of state and and up with an ectopic pregnancy August 2017. I want another child but can't afford a reversal of ivf. I don't even know how I ended up pregnant and my tubes are tied. I want to know what are my odds of becoming pregnant naturally and having a successful pregnancy with having my tubes tied years ago and having an ectopic months ago. 


peacerick752 - July 5

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samariamccarver23576 - August 8

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campbell_ck - August 11

Hi There hayleysenior!  Hopefully I can give you a little hope.  Despite being on birth control taken religiously, I found out in the ER after days of pain and discomfort that I had an ectopic pregnancy that had ruptured and cause major bleeding. It was over 6 weeks along.  The pregnancy was removed along with my left fallopian tube on 6/21/18.  The recovery process was tough, but a few weeks after surgery I started having some funky symptoms.  I had taken several home tests with positive results, and was assured by my doctor that it was leftover hormones from the ectopic.  After another week of pressuring them for tests, it was confirmed that I indeed have a new pregnancy.  I had an ultrasound today confirming that it is in the right spot and is 6 weeks along.  This means I got pregnant within a week to ten days after my ectopic surgery!  The doctors were baffled as it is not common at all to ovulate so quickly after a pregnancy.  But, lo and behold it happened and we are hoping for the best!  If it is meant to be it most certainly will be, and I wish you the best of luck!!



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