Getting Pregnant After First Miscarriage

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hollygirl - October 6

I was 10 weeks pregnant and on Tuesday my husband and I went for our first u/s. We were told that the baby stopped growing at 6 1/2 weeks and that we miscarried without even knowing it. I had a D&C yesterday and I am trying to heal both emotionally and physically right now. This was supposed to be the happiest time as it would have been our first child. My doctor said we can try again after having one normal cycle. I am just scared that this will happen again. Any words of wisdom will help!


Rhonda - October 6

I am so sorry for your loss!! I had something like that happen to me, at the beginning of this year I got pregnant with my 3rd my husbands first and yes we were very excited and happy had told several close friends and my husbands parents and mine as well then out of the blue I started make a long story short I had mc it was very hard and took some time to heal...but I am now 22wks pregnant and everything so far is going very well, I waited about 4 months before trying again I just wanted to give my body a chance to heal as well as my heart even though I was only around 7wks it still hurt but when we felt we were ready we did it again and like I said I am at 22wks and have had several sonos and all is well so just don't give up, give yourself some time then try again and yes it will be hard and scary I still look for blood when I go to the bathroom but the closer I get the better I feel...I hope this helps you somewhat just take care and do lots of praying good luck and again I am very sorry for your loss.....


Debi - October 7

Hi, I have three kids out of 6 pregnancies. I got pregnant with my third baby in August of 2000, had a miscarriage in November of 2000, got pregnant in December of 2000, had a stillborn in April of 2001, got pregnant AGAIN in May of 2001, had a beautiful baby girl 6 weeks early in January of 2002. I did pregnant one more time in May of 2003, but lost the baby in August of 2003 and painfully made the decision with my husband to get a tubal..which I regret to this day. So in answer to your post, I didn't even have a normal cycle before I got pregnant again, I was very fertile. I also have two boys from a previous relationship. I am So sorry for you loss..It is such a hard thing to go through, especially being your first baby. Take it easy and pray. Good Luck to you.


Patti - October 8

Just had a mc also. Was told by dr. to wait until I have had my period once. I would like to try right away again but it is also a scary thought. I guess we just have to keep positive and know that it will happen when it is meant to. Good luck.


js - October 8

I have 1 child out of 6 pregnancies... I am pregnant now - I am not going to sit here and say that that is the only m/c you will have - that is up to nature/God. But I can tell you that even though you have had one m/c, or two or three or more, you can still have a normal pregnancy and have a baby. Have faith in yourself and never give up hope. Best of luck!!


Amy S. - October 14

Debi - did you have a successful pregnancy after getting pregnant before your first cycle?


Debi - October 14

Yes, I did. After my stillborn on April 17th, 2001, I got pregnant in May. despite the fact that she was 6 weeks early, she is now a very active, healthy 3 year old. My little miracle. : )


Hollygirl - October 14

Have any of you gotten pregnant and delivered a healthy baby after waiting one cycle after a m/c? I am feeling very hopeless...


Teetah - November 1

i also had a d&c in August and both docs i saw confirmed its possible to have healthy babies afterwards cos one pregnancy is different from the next. im 5 weeks now and im believing God for a supernatural childbirtth and standing on His word that no harm shall befall the baby. i guess its important to heal emotionally before you become pregnant again and it only takes God, and again dont create an atmosphere of fear but trust God by confessing that you and the baby are well and that you'll never miscarry another day and in your...confessing God's word introduces miracles! choose to believe His report, doctors are not always right, they tell us facts but Gods truth prevails


Benjamin - November 27

Hello hollygirl. My wife and I miscarried two years ago; our little monkey left us the day of our entrance into the second trimester. It was a really difficult time, but it made our relationship and our commitment to each other much stronger--it was our first pregnancy. It took a long time to get over our loss; we dreamed about what could have been, and spent alot of time together. We were a self contained support group. We are happily pregnant again--we conceived without even realising it. There is always hope for the future, love. With life comes sorrow; from sorrow comes happiness. And as the future begins tomorrow, so the biggest sorrow has already pa__sed.


hollygirl - November 27

Benjamin, I can't tell you how nice it was to see your posting today. Before reading your thoughts, I honestly felt that today was the very first day that I felt hopeful. It has been one big emotional rollercoaster but my husband and I have really become closer and he has supported me in so many ways. I only pray that out of this sorrow we too will find happiness as you said. I am hoping to become pregnant again soon even though I am scared. I am so very happy for you and your wife. I wish you both well. Thanks again for your words of wisdom.


samantha - November 28

i am very sorry to hear about yuor miscarriage i also have the exact same story that you have right there it has been a year now and it still hurts but we will have one one day lets prey together and amke pur family


Rita - November 29

I had a mc about 3 weeks ago, I was 8weeks pregnant. It was our first and a very painful time for me and my husband. Although I have PCOS I became pregnant straight away and the Doctors did say having PCOS would never be a problem. I'm now ready to try again and don't want to wait for a period, my doctor did recommend to wait but said this was only so they could determine the age of the pregnancy and there was noo reason why I couldn't try again straight away if I felt upto it. Reading the internet I see a lot of conflicting views about when to conceive after a mc. Please could someone give me some advice on whether I'm doing the right thing by not waiting. Also does it take long to pregnant after a mc - agian conflicting things on the net regarding your fertility after a mc.


hollygirl - November 29

Rita, I am very sorry for your loss as I know what you are going through. My doctor recommended that I wait to have one normal menstrual cycle before trying again. Yet, I have a friend who was told the same thing and got pregnant immediately after a m/c and D&C and had a beautiful baby boy. I think doctors want to make sure your body and mind has a little time to heal. In addition, your body may still have hormones left in it from the pregnancy it m/c, so it would be hard to know if you are really pregnant again or not in the beginning. Whatever you choose I wish you well. You are in my prayers. I am about to start trying again now. It took me time to heal emotionally. I have come to realize that everyone is different in this scense. Did you m/c spontaneously or did they pick it up on an u/s? Good luck to you.


Rita - November 29

hollygirl, thanks for your reply, it's good to here as it gives me a little confidence. The mc started off as spotting and got progressively worse. The bleeding lasted 7 days and the u/s showed that I had a 'normal' mc and that everything has cleared naturally - I believe that helps! Good luck, hope all goes well and maybe we'll both have some news for the new year. Thanks again



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