Getting Pregnant And Having Herpes HELP

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emilys mom - April 2

Hi, I am 26 married and a mother of an 18 month old girl. I recently was diagnosed with HSV-1. My husband had a cold sore and one thing led to another. I had no idea you could get genital herpes this way!! I have only been with one man my entire life, and I get herpes. Hardly seems fair. We were going to try and get pregnant again in the next year or so and I'm wondering if it's safe, and what I need to know. If anyone has been in this situation before or know of any positive experiences I would love to know. I'm naturally a worrier and this just makes it unbearable. Please help me.


jatz - April 2

hiya - sounds like my story! I've only been with one guy all my life too, hubby had cold sore, u know what happend next....It's not actually genital herpes we have, not the true type, that's HSV-2. Apparently you can get HSV-1 anywhere there's mucous membranes - eyes, nose, mouth, genitals, even a__s. HSV-2 can only be found on the genital area. They are 2 Different but similar diseases. Try looking it up on the net, I did.That's what my dr said anyway. I guess it's just a 'miss placed' cold sore. Anyways, I'm now preggers with bubby number 2. I'm told that the only time it can be a problem is if I have a break out or whatever it's called when u get a cold sore (but down there) when i'm in or close to labour. If I do, i'm told it's fine, i'll just have to have a c section. That said, i was diagnosed about a year ago & haven't had a 'break out' since. No trouble whatsoever. And no, it doesn't seem fair does it!


jatz - April 2

I was like you when I first found out, i was embarra__sed, angry & felt dirty even though i'd done nothing wrong & I panicked like crazy. But you know what? It's not that bad. I haven't had a problem since - no break out or whatever it's called. I found out that stress can bring one on so try not to worry! You're still the beautiful, kind, wonderful person you were before you were diagnosed and i'm sure you Hubby loves just the same as always (& like mine, prolly feels really sorry about all of this, after all, at the time they pa__sed it on, they thought they were doing a good thing! and so did we...) So chin up, it's not all that bad, you'll pull through this - i know you will, coz I did! Good luck with baby number 2!



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