Girlfriend Pregnant She Has A Low Heartbeat Baby Fine

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bigmanryan - January 13

Alright, new to the forum, and have a few questions. My girlfriend is 18 years old, around 28 weeks into the pregnancy. She went to the doctors today and told me that the Doc told her she has a low heartbeat. The Doc said the baby's heartbeat is fine. My girlfriend said the Doc told her it's because she's stressed, and she could die. The Doc also told her next time she comes in, she has to sign papers to say it's not their fault in case something happens. Now I don't know what the h__l shes talking about, but why would a doctor say you need to sign papers? She is not having an operation... Also if you are stressed, wouldn't your heartbeat be UP, not DOWN? I have a feeling my girlfriend is lying to me. Thats why I came here, to get some real ladies opinions on this, and if they have ever heard of this. Thank you for your time.


lunamoo - January 13

Why don't you go with your gf to her next drs appointment? She is giving you a heap of maure. My gosh, can she be more dramatic!?! Why do you think she is telling you this?


silencingtearsofhope - January 13

yeah that sounds like a load of c___p to me. my heartbeat was really low until about 5 weeks ago due to the fact that i worked out a lot and my dr. didn't say anything about it except that I needed to start taking it easy. and stress causes blood pressure to rise not fall. and i'm sorry but no dr. is going to have someone sign papers saying that "if something happens it's not their fault" the only time I've ever heard of having to sign papers anything like that is just for giving permission for surgery.


bigmanryan - January 13

thanks for your replies, i appreciate it! -------- I had a feeling what she was saying was a lie, I mean if your heart is in bad condition that means it rises now slows down. Also the signing papers c___p doesn't make sense.


DownbutnotOUT - January 13

I thought I would add my 2 cents, yes your gf is definatly lying and I do have a low heartbeat that barely goes over 70 unless exercising but if im at rest between 50-60 beats a minute. I can tell you when i get stressed my heart rate goes up and im pregnant with #4 and never had the dr. tell me i could die thats so much crud I cant believe it. Also I would be interested in why my gf is lying like that about something that is serious, death. maybe she feels that the baby is getting all the attention and feels a little rejected. I would definatly ask her and try to find out why she would lie about something like that.



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