Giving Birth With Eclapsia Have You

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itsapinupthing - June 10

I gave birth with Eclapsia ( no preclampsia) this is when the sickeness actually develops all the way. Your blood pressure goes through the roof , you get seizures and pretty much die. I thank God I survived everyday, but my son is know almost 2 years old and I cried my self to sleep thinking about giving him a little sibling and thinking I will die trying. My question is......... Have any of you ever delivered babies more than once with Eclapsia?


blessedwith4 - June 10

Hi there. I have 4 kids. My oldest is turning 13 yrs old and I had very severe preeclampsia/eclampsia with her birth. We both survived. her apgars were 0 and 3 and I had seizures, blindness and was in the hospital for over a month. After that experrience I longed for more kids and was very sad but scared I'd die doing it. So after 6 long years of fear, I met the most incredible dr. He is a fetal medicine specialist in Canada and his speciality is preeclampsia. he is known through out the world, written books etc. I met with him and he gave the go ahead. So, my second dd was born. I developed it again at 36 weeks, but felt fine. It was only preeclampsia and she was born c-section as well. I actually felt fine and only needed BP meds for 1 week postpartum. NO seizures, NO reall issues at all. basically at 36 weeks my BP went up, protein in my urine at ONE and then I had my section. I was kept in the high risk unit and watched and went home at 4 days postpartum. With my third child it never developed at all, clear sailing the whole way through. I had another c-section but at 38.3 weeks. So then I had my last and final child this Jan 08. The preeclampsia never surfaced again either. had another c-sections and all was well. BUT the key here is PREVENTION. I atteneded dr;s appts every tuesday for 36 weeks. I had a scan done by this high risk specialist every Tuesday. So it was a TON of appointments in a high risk pregnancy clinic. Not with just some regular dr. This guy believes that the main root of preeclampsia is in a malfunctioning placenta and the key is finding it before it finds you. At about 16 weeks they start doing a uterine artery doppler scan. Just an u/s but they are checkibg placenta function. That is key, a must have test and only high risk clinics do them. there are also a number of specific blood tests that should be down. A PAPPA blood work is one of them at 12 and 16 weeks. There are many other clinical studies including heparin therepies as well for high risk patients. Don't lose hope on a sibling for yor child, see a HIGH RISK specialist and see what they say. I know how you feel, best wishes, xo


itsapinupthing - June 10

you have given me hope, please send me the name of the doctor who writes the books so I can look him up. God bless you here is my


K - June 10

I haven't, but a friend of mine did two months ago. She had it pretty bad in her first pregnancy. This second time she got pregnant with twins. She got it again pretty late in this pregnancy and was put on bedrest. The twins were delivered by C-section and are both just fine. She went on with post-pregnancy eclampsia and had to go back into the hospital for a few days so that they could keep an eye on her. Other than her blood pressure being high and it being pretty scary, she did not have seizures or any other physical complications. She is fine now.


Malica - June 10

Oh dear. I know it's only a fraction of what you went through but I developed pre-eclampsia that put me in the hospital then was later induced. I too am worried that if we should choose to have another that I would develop pre-eclampsia again (or now I'm realizing that I could get it worse the second time around). I think I heard there's about a 50/50 chance of getting it again if you've had it before, so it's pretty scary odds. But like Blessed says, knowing that you're high-risk means that you will be very closely monitored all along so that it can be caught the moment it develops.



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