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K - November 8

Has anyone failed the one hour glucose screening test with a level of 170 (or higher) and then passed the 3 hour glucose tolerance test? I just found out I failed the initial test, and I am scared.


Em - November 8

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my doc had me go in for the three hour test becasue he siad he thought my levels were borderline and my family had a hisotry of dibetics. My thee hour test turned out fine. I can't remember what my levels were. I can tell you if you fail the three hour test it is not the end of the world. You jsut need to watch what you eat and maybe take insulin shots to help regulate your blood sugar. My mom was diabetic when she got pregnant with my youngest sis and everything was fine. A cousin of mine had gestational diabetes and both her and her two boys are fine. (she develeped it in both pregnancies.) I wuoldn't worry too much either way. If you fail, you just need to work with your doc to keep your blood sugar at a good level. Goodluck


Worried Too! - November 14

Hey K, I also failed the one hour glucose screening test with a level of 9 I was told. I just did the 3 hour test today and am anxiously awaiting the results. I'm freaking out as well and hoping for a good outcome. Any news?


K - November 15

Hi worried too. No news here, I don't take the 3 hour until tomorrow. How bad was the 3 hour for you? Any news yet?


scared - November 15

I just found out that my first test was really high today. They have me going in for the three hour test, but not til Monday. I'm so scared right now. Does anyone think the baby will be okay?!


bel - November 15

well girls i failed both test and had to follow a low GI diet. i ended up on insulin which i had to give myself each day it was not that bad. i found that if you warms the area first with a hot pack or hot washer it does not hurt as much to go in. this was a big step for me as I HATE NEEDLES but it was not that bad you get use to it. my baby was healthy and had no side effects.


K - November 15

I doubt very seriously I could ever do the insulin shots if it came to that. I pa__s out at the sight of needles (and this is not an exaggeration- I have done it since I was a kid). I know how silly it is, but I absolutely can't control it- everything goes black and the next thing I know I am unconscious. Apparently it doesn't even matter if the needle is going to be used on me or someone else as I pa__sed out once while just visiting someone in the hospital. They can't even take my blood without lying me down because everytime I tell them to do it sitting up and I will be fine, I black out.


Michelle - November 15

I failed the one hour test and had to go back for the 3 hour test. During the agonizing 3 hours of waiting and blood draws, I met 4 other woman that went to my Dr who all failed as well. I pa__sed the 3 hour and by the end of my pregnancy, I had seen the 4 other woman at different appts and they all pa__sed the 3 hour as well. Good luck, Im sure you will be fine.


K - November 15

Thanks Michelle. How far over were you on the 1st test? I'm hoping that I accidentally screwed up my own first test, because I was so paranoid I would have to take this 3 hour test. I had read where some people said they had pasta or had juice the day of, or night before, the 1 hour and they thought that is why they flunked the first one. Stupid me cut out almost all carbs for 3 days before the test thinking surely that would make me pa__s. Of course, then I read ( in actual medical information) that some doctors make you have extra carbs in the days before the 3 hour test because if your carbs have been too low, it can give an artificially high result. I'm hoping that is what happened to me and that I stupidly just threw my body completely out of whack for the first test.


Worried Too - November 15

I did the 3 hour yesterday bright and early in the morning. Waiting was hard to deal with. Bring a book! (But that just made me tired and want to sleep!!) Anyway, no news today, so I'm sure I'll hear something tomorrow. My main worry is that the gestational diabetes will not go away after the birth of the baby. Too much to worry about. Good luck everyone!!


K - November 16

Now I feel a lot better Michelle. Your first test numbers were extremely close to mine. I did the 3 hour today- now I am just waiting a day or two for the results. The 3 hour wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had a really good lab person for the blood tests. For the 1 hour, the glucose drink made me nauseous and I wasn't sure I could keep it down. This time the drink had twice as much glucose, but I had no nausea at all ( again evidence that my no carb theory really screwed me up last time!). The only effects were that the baby and I were on an extreme hyper sugar high the first hour after the test (the lab people were laughing at me), and by the second hour we had a complete sugar crash and all I wanted to do was lay down somewhere and take a nap. Keep us posted on your results worried too. If you do have GD, I wouldn't worry so much about it not going away after the baby was born, as from what I read, it almost always does. There is an increased chance that you could develop Type II diabetes later on in life, but most people that do are people that have significant risk factors (family history etc).


Worried Too - November 16

Another day with no phone call from the doctor. If I don't hear from him tomorrow I'm calling first thing Friday morning!! Hey Bel if you're still reading--did your GD go away after the birth of your baby? If so, how long did it take?


K - November 17

Well guys, thanks so much for the support. It has now been confirmed that I was a complete and total idiot before the screening test which required me to be subjected to the three hour test. For anyone out there reading this before their one hour test- Don't change your diet to try and cut out the carbs your body is used to in the days before the test!! I pa__sed the three hour test with flying colors. I was no where near the cut off levels. In fact in the hours after drinking the glucose, even the closest I ever got, I was still 50 points below the cut off level. WHEW- what a relief.


Worried Too - November 17

Congrats K! You must be relieved. No news yet for me. Hope my outcome is the same as yours.


K - November 18

I hope so too worried too! Call your doctor, it may be that they aren't calling you because your results are normal. My doctor's office generally only calls if there are bad results on things, and if you don't hear from them you are to a__sume everything was good. I wasn't going to sit around and wonder if the results had come in or not and whether they were going to call. I asked the lab when the results would be in when I was tested, and they said it would be 1 or 2 days. I called my doctor at 4:00 p.m. the next day. Sure enough, my results were there.


Michelle - November 18

Great news K. I am so happy to hear everything went well. Worried too, K is right, more than likely you have nothing to worry about because when they do get a positive result, they want to get you to a nutritionist ASAP so they probably would have already called you to get that set up. I will keep my fingers crossed for you anyways :-) Best of luck to both of you and your healthy beautiful babies oxoxo


Worried Too - November 21

Ladies, you were right! My 3 hour test came back normal so that's why they didn't call. Had an appointment today and heard everything is progressing fine. What a relief!! Thanks a bunch for your support. Good luck to all!!



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