Had D Amp C Last Week Was Decision For D Amp C Made Too Early

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Ann - January 5

Last week I had my first ultrasound...I was 8 weeks, almost 9 weeks. My doctor could see the pregnancy sac but nothing in it, so he did a va___al ultrasound. He saw a little something and said that he was not detecting a heartbeat and it was measuring about 6 weeks. He tested my HCG and said it was 95,000 and concluded it was a miscarriage. today I got the pathology results and it said "product of conception, 7 weeks" which is (at the time of the D&C) how old it should have been. He never re-tested my hCG levels and never did a follow-up u/s. Am I being paranoid? Or were we too quick with this decision?


Jennifer - January 5

At approximately 9 weeks, I was told by my doctor that because the v____al ultrasound could not detect a heartbeat that I would surely miscarry. The baby measured 8 weeks, six days, 22 mm long. MANY of my friends, including two Ob-Gyn nurses and an Osteopath Ob told me that 9 weeks could be too early to determine if I would miscarry. Unless my doctor knows something they didn't tell me at the exam, they basically scheduled me to have an abortion for a potentially healthy baby. I haven't had any symptoms of miscarriage yet - no bleeding, spotting or abnormal cramping so far. On the advice of the Osteopath, I cancelled the procedure and ordered a blood test to check HCG levels and requested another ultrasound in a week. My doctor could be completely correct, but she offered no shred of hope for a seemingly healthy pregnancy (other than the heartbeat.) If the embryo emplants late, it's not unusual for the heartbeat to appear late as well. I am glad I had the benefit of others' experience on my side. If I miscarry, I miscarry. But if I don't, my confidence in my doctor is shot. If I could give one piece of advice to Ob patients, I would say never rush into anything, especially when it is something so final as a D&C. As difficult as it would be to let the miscarriage happen naturally, there will be no doubt as to whether the pregnancy was viable when it happens that way. Just be sure to seek "after care" to be certain that you are in no danger of infection, bleeding, etc.



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