Hard To See Anything At U S 10 Weeks

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streetglow - April 23

Have had several bleedings and been to va___al u/s several times. Gyn sends me to to hospital to do D&C, because she thinks it is a missed abortion. She sees something there, but it doesn't look like fetus and it's very small. gyn at hospital says i do have a flipped oveum, and because of that we don't get a good picture. Can't see the whole baby and heartbeat. Who should i trust? Is it really so hard to see, or is it a missed abortion? Hcg level is normal. Have had SA og EXU before. Have no children...


streetglow - April 23

i mean flipped uterus, not oveum


clindholm - April 23

I would get another opinion from another doc especially if hcg is normal. Sometimes they can't see well if you have a tipped uterus.


streetglow - April 23

thinking of that myself. going to hospital on monday, so hoping to get an answer then:) or else i'll call some body else. the rising of hcg is normal 29238 7/4/08 and thursday 10/04/08 it was 40600.


CgGirl - April 23

A flipped uterus (which is not the same as tipped) should not be a big problem. It's quite common actually, about 30% of women. I have one and never had a problem at u/s (now 37w4d). I agree with Clindholm: get a second opinion!


streetglow - April 23

thx:) not from usa so my English not that good. but got an Retroverted uterus, it goes backward towards my spine. don't know if that's tipped or flipped:S


clindholm - April 23

Get that second opinion and let us know how you make out, good luck! You also may have ovulated late and may not be as far along as you think.


streetglow - April 23

thx for luck:) feel i need that:) Tested for ovulation that month, so for once i know when i had it. but gyn said it maybe fasten late, or maybe i have had a SA and got pregnant right away again. so time will show. just trying to find answers, been wainting for answers for 6 weeks. going crazy not knowing whether things are normal or not:S


streetglow - April 28

Went to hospital for u/s today. they could still not see embryo:( going back tomorrow for d&c...


clindholm - April 28

I am so sorry, I was so hoping everything would go well for you. I hope your recovery goes well. Please take care.


streetglow - April 29

thanks:) hoping to get one last u/s today before surgery, just for safe.


clindholm - April 29

I hope they give you another one. Let me know how you make out, I will say a prayer for you.


sibling4aidan - May 2

I am so sorry for your loss :(


streetglow - May 11

Now it's over. Physically I feel much better. Going to have an exposition in start of June. So now we just can focus on our wedding comming in July:):):)



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