Has Anyone Experienced A Stillbirth At 38 Weeks

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Chrissy - November 28

Has anyone out there experienced a stillbirth at 38 weeks gestation? Our son died at 38 weeks and he had a true knot and a triple nuchal cord?


Lu - November 28

Chrissy, so sorry for you loss. I have not experienced this, but I didn't want your post to be unanswered. I hope someone will come along to talk about this with you.


Hi Chrissy. - December 5

I just thought you might want to know about another website that I am also on. It is called Miracle Babies. This is the website www.miraclebabies.org . The ladies on this site have had various experiences and loss whether it be incompetent cervix, preterm labor or stillbirth. I hope you check it out when you are up to it. I am sorry for your loss.


Niki - December 6

Oh, Chrissy, how sad.... I'm so sorry. I've lost three, but all under 12 weeks and I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling. God must love you VERY much to give you such a heavy cross. :) God bless you and your family.


Melissa - December 8

Chrissy, Im very sorry for your loss. I am 39 weeks and that is one of my biggest fears.. Did your dr. give you any reason?? Anyway, again truly sorry for your loss and god bless you.


Mel - December 11

I have not experienced this....but a family member has had a similar experience. She went into labor and everything looked fine...until her water broke. When her water broke, blood came out with it too. She was rushed to OR for an emergency c-section. I guess when her water broke the force of it tore the placenta away from the baby(I guess a very rare occurance). The baby suffocated before they could get him out. It was soo sad. She held the baby....he just looked like he was sleeping..and he had such long eyelashes. His name was Everett


K - December 13

Our daughter died at 28 weeks because she contracted an infection in the womb. The germ came from me, lucky me. Apparently it lives in all of us. These losses are pointless and devestating. Its only been weeks for us, try the loss and miscariage section, there may be someone there who can help. I send you a hug and wish you well for the future. x


TaraM - January 2

Hi there chrissy i am so sorry to hear about your loss. I just recently went through the same thing i was 30 weeks pregnant and lost my baby to placenta arubptio. this all happened to me in august of 2005 and it the worst thing i have ever experienced and now one knows how you feel unless it has happened to them. If you would like to talk to me feel free to ask any questions my baby boy was 3 pounds and 2 ounces at 30 weeks i think he was going to be a big baby. the first full year will be the hardest but god will help us through. and just remember they say everyone has an angel but not to many people get to hold an angel. our babies are no our angels. when did this all happen to you? if you don't mind me asking what was the cause? Chrissy you and your family are in my thoughs and my prayers god bless you


Lilu - February 15

I lost my daughter at 34 1/2 weeks. She was an unexplaiend stillbirth. I just didn't feel her move all morning so i went in for a stress test and they couldn't find her heartbeat. They induced me that evening.


just - March 3

so very sorry for your all your losses its heartbreaking. i lost my little boy at 28 weeks due to pre eclampsia he was alive for 30 minutes i got to see him cry which is a moment which will stay with me forever, but he sadly pa__sed away shortly after. Just take each day as it comes, you never forget. Thinking of you all and wishing you all lots of good luck for the future.x



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