Has Anyone Had Multiple Losses And End Up With A Baby

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babybound - May 10

I'm currently going through my third m/c. My first two in 2003 and Jan. 2005 were both missed miscarriages in the 14th week. This time, the HCG was down at 6 weeks. I'm feeling desperate because I've never heard of anyone with my type of problem. I have already been treated for everything and besides MTHFR double mutation of the A1298 gene and hypothyroidism that is currently under control, I tested negative for everything else. Please help


Justine - May 11

I've very sorry for you but don't give up hope just keep trying and chances are you will get your babies eventually. People often don't talk about miscarriage but it's a lot more common than you think. I know a girl who had 2 miscarriages then went on to have 2 lovely girls. I haven't had a miscarriage - have only just got pregnant after 3.5 years of trying due to IVF because of male infertility. Only 1% of women cannot have children though a lot more than that think they never will including me. You've just got to keep believing and eventually it will happen.


debbie - May 11

hi i have fad 3 misscarrages at approx 13 weeks with all i am now pregnant again and im 24 weeks so keeping fingers crossed if u need to talk u can mail me at [email protected]


Holly - May 20

Hi, miscarriages are very hard, I had two at 12 and 13 weeks. Before my miscarriages I had a daughter with down's syndrome. After my 2 miscarriages I got pregnant again and had a perfectly healthy normal little boy. And I am only 21 years old. There is always hope.


Chris - May 22

Holly, you really seem to have your act together. Congrats to you. I've also been wondering if anyone has been able to have a baby after so many miscarriages. I've had four in 3 years.


noni - May 26

Yes, my sister had 5 m/cs before they found out that her cervix was open. She gaveup and went on the pill. a few months later shile on the pill she found out that she was pregnant w/ twins the st_tched up her cervix and it worked she now has 4 kids and has had 2 more m/cs one afew months after her twins and one after her child #3 before they were able to st_tche her cervix.


Lucky#8 - May 26

I'm so sorry for your miscarriages. I just wanted to give you this glimmer of hope. This is my eighth pregnancy and I have one child (she's almost five). I had one miscarriage before my daughter and have had 5 miscarriages in a row since her. I am now 18 weeks with this pregnancy and everything seems to be fine. Before this one, I would usually notice my symptoms fading after a couple of weeks. It was usually determined that development stopped somewhere around 6-8 weeks. I was under a fair amount of stress and our financial/living circ_mstances weren't the best during most of this time. Now we're settled, and my husband says this one was just meant to be. I didn't think we would ever have a second child, now it's happening. Don't give up.


Tina - May 27

Babybound, I have had two m/c, and will soon be trying for a bio child. We currently have a 2.5 year old daughter who we adopted from Guatemala. She is the light of our lives, I hope you will consider adoption as a way to grow your family. As for having a child after multiple losses...I have been on internet groups with such women. Many of them have uterine problems such as septums and heart shaped uteruses, have you been to a specialist to get all the tests done? HSG, etc? I had a septum and two uterine polyps that were causing our problems. If you haven't seen a reproductive endocrinologist yet, you may want to. I wish you luck!


konnie - May 30

don't give up!! my friend had like 3-4 miscarriages and now she has 4 kids. keep praying and god will lead you through this.


ttcinnj - June 9

Hi babybound, get your dr. to check your progesterone levels and also if you have LPD (luteal phase defect), these are common but overlooked causes and easily fixed, God willing


staci - June 11

babybound and others- feel your losses and am so sorry. I have just suffered my 2nd m/c, no children as of yet. my first m/c wasa in march of this year at 6.5 weeks, heartbeat was seen...this one I was 8.5 weeks and had seen the heartbeat. I am so frustrated, sad and feeling as if we will never have children. My doctor has me coming in for a f/u appt after D&C and to begin some tests to find out if there is a problem...I am not sure what tests she will perform-does anyone know what the routine is to have done? thanks-looking for hope!!!


Becky - June 13

I had three miscarriages at ages 35, 36 and 37 (? approximately anyway) and finally had my beautiful daughter at age 38 and my beautiful son at 40. All my pregnancies were natural though we did IVF twice, and it failed. They never found anything wrong with me or my husband. I found statistics that showed that even after three miscarriages (all "missed" too) your chances of the next pregnancy holding are quite high -- way over 50%. So -- EVERYTHING is possible! The worst of it of course is the stress and depression. Do everything possible (believe me, I know, not easy) to be philosophical and keep up your spirits and hope. I feel for you and wish you the best.


Alexis - June 24

Hello, I've had 2 m/c's one on Christmas day of this year at 6 weeks and the most recent one on June 7 at 15 weeks. I dont really understand why i cant carry a child. My husband and I are both 21 and our dream was to have a family but the loss is great. I have a cousin who is only 17 and just had a baby boy and i am jealous of her, I keep thinking why? And it seems like everywhere i go now woman are pregnant and i can stand it I keep thinking its no fair at all.



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