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J. Coyle - September 20

The first day of my last period was August 2nd. I took a pregnancy test and it showed that I was pregnant. I went to the hospital and had blood test run and the results confirmed that I am indeed pregnant but instead of 7 weeks the blood work indicated that I am 8 weeks. Today, I had my first doctors appointment. First, the doctor was not there and the nurse did the ultrasound. I was so excited about hearing the babys heartbeat and actually seeing the baby. I had a va___al ultrasound done. The nurse informed my husband and I that according to the ultrasound the baby was 6 weeks. So the blood work showed 8 wks, my last period indicates 7 wks, and the ultrasound indicates 6 wks. The nurse said that my yolk sac was large and shaped abnormal. She also did not detect a heartbeat. She informed me that I could have possibly had a miscarriage. I have had no signs of a miscarriage. I am still having symptoms as if I am pregnant. I did just start having morning sickness last week. I am really scared, because this is the first pregnancy with my husband. I do have a 12 year old and she is looking forward to being a big sister. I just want to know if anyone could help me with this problem? Has anyone even experienced a problem like this and has had a healthy baby. I have another appointment with my doctor on Thursday. At this time I will be having another ultrasound done (the doctor will be present). Please keep me in your prayers and please respond if you can shed some light on my situation.


to j - September 20

I know this is a hard time for you but you are really going to have to wait...my first sono I was 5wks and all I saw was a "dot" no heartbeat or anything that even looked like a baby but my doctor told me that the embryo was implanted correctly and it looked fine but she wanted to see me back in 3wks.....well let me tell you when I went back in 3 wks that "dot" was now a peanut in shape had little arm/leg buds and was moving with a very strong heartbeat!! So just keep the hope if your not bleeding or anything I am sure it will be ok....just wait and see what the next sono shows and if you pray now would be the time to do some....take care....( :


sugar - September 20

i was pregnant and having pains in my abdomen i thought it was a little gas but i went to the hospital and i was 10wks along and they did an altrasound on my stomach and couldnt find the baby so they did a ultrasound through my v____a and that confirmed that my baby had inplanted itself in my tubes. Now I'm not saying that may be your case but it may be. You just have to be patient and pray aboout it . I'll keep you in my prayers



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