Has Anyone M C Through Having Strep B

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angelgabby84 - January 14

Have any of you ladies lost a pregnancy because you had strep b! I never heard of this before until I found out last week that was the cause of me going into prem labour at 24weeks just over 4 years ago. I just wondered if any of you ladies have been prescribed penicillin throughout pregnancy to prevent this happening again? I am going to Dr this afternoon to discuss my prescription and am concerened as to how the penicillin will be administered. I should have mentioned that i am heavily collonized with Group B Strep. Any advice please.


lunamoo - January 14

Wow, do your research... I tested positive for Group B and did lots of research and decided that I would still go along with my home birth. I NEVER found any info to convince me to take antibiotics whilst pregnant! And how could they actually prove that is why you went into labor...? Good luck


daegi - January 15

Yes I lost my baby at 19wks due to a GBS infection confirmed by the hosp. path report. I had what they term PPROM (pre-preterm rupture of the membranes) which was caused by having an infection, later determined to be caused by GBS. GBS is found in up to 25-40% of the population (both male and female) it is a normal gut/v____al bacteria and there are no problems in non-pregnate women however for some women during pregnancy it can cause complications. According to my ob/gyn and my reproductive endocronologist the bacteria can come and go and even if you have it during one pregnancy you may not have it for another. I know that seems so complicated and how in the heck do you check and treat it? The main thing my doc is doing now since I am currently 15 wks preg. has been starting from the second tri is do a v____al swab every month to check for anything unusal (yeast infection, vaginitis or clue cells) and treat it accordingly. If you are in your first tri you may have to take the medication vag/suppositories, if in your second tri maybe oral antibiotics. For some women who test positive for GBS many will not have any issues and for a few like you and myself it is best based on our history to be safe rather than sorry. Talk to your doc about your concerns however I doubt he/she will prescribe something that is not safe or out weights the risk/benefit to your self and baby.


angelgabby84 - January 16

So I went to my doc and have been prescribed penicillin. I have to take three a day for ten days and I will need to have my urine tested every four weeks or so (next test is 5th feb and next is 6th March). I may need to take a course of penicillin after every test to clear any infection I may have. I too know alot of people who had GBS and had no problems at all. I knew i had in my last pregnancy and though i had done enough research about it but never knew that it could have been anything to do with why I lost my DD. and you can imagine the reaction when I tell people who think they know everything and dont beleive me. Aarrgghh. I am sorry for your loss and I never wish anything like this to ahppen to anyone. But thank you for sharing as you have made me realise that I am not the only one. x x x


daegi - January 17

Yeah I know the feeling, if I try to explain Group B strep they all think of strep throat or a STD (ie infection) or if they had any experience with it it wasn't an issue with their pregnancy. I've searched through the threads for all the GBS post but most of the post(ers) were very blase/dismissive about it. I'm just curious but since you mentioned urine testing (instead of vag swab) did you originally go in for a UTI infection and they found the gbs?


angelgabby84 - January 17

No I didnt have an infection! We have routine scans hee at 12-14 weeks and 18-22 weeks or around those times. And you have to have bloods and a urine test at these appointmentss. My results came back all fine except that GBS was detected in my urine (apparently meaning i am heavily colonized) I had it with my last pregnancy and every other swab / urine test since has shown that I have it. This is the first time I am being treated for the infection purely because of my history.


austynsmommy - January 31

They dont even test you until your about to deliver. How do they know that is what caused a miscarriage?


Skyeblue - September 19

BUMP: I am currrently 18 w and tested positive for GBS in my urine! Apparently that means as has been said here--high colonization. My doc gave me penecillian and i took the first pill yesterday and i threw it right up! My doc is away for a week, so I don't know if I should wait or try to take it again. Everywhere I have read, about 95% says to treat whilst in labor and NOT during pregnancy....Anyone out there with some ideas??



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