Have I Had A Miscarrage

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Claire - November 23

I have just recently had an emergency scan and they could not find anything, i also had a internal scan and still the results showed nothing. I have been bleeding on and off for about a week and lastnight i lost quite a big clot. Now the morning is here i dont have any cramp or bleeding i am going back for my second blood test today to see if my levels have risen. Throughout the 8 weeks i have never really had any cramp appart from the last week but it wasnt bad at all. It has been ruled out that it is not an eptopic and that i havnt miscarried yet. could the blood clot i lost last night havee been the miscarrage?


claire - November 23

well i had my bloods done and my levels had gone down and i had,i was right i hd miscarried....


kim - November 25

So sorry for your loss. I hope things will work out for you! Keep the faith is what I always say.


claire - November 26

i didnt realize that the pain ov having a miscarrage would hurt as much as it does.it feels like am in labour the pains in my stomach is that bad....


nicole - November 28

Wow I really sorry..... But it sounds like you did. How are u feeling now? Please dont blame yourself it not ur fault these thing happen it happen to me last oct and i was very sad. Do u have close friend to talk to u? I hope so. Talk with ur dr and see whats right for you when you try again. Be blesses nicole


claire - November 28

thanks 4 replying ,stil not feeling to good i just hope nobody goes thro what ive bin thro these last fews.....


sarah - December 1

ive also just had a miscarrage..is it easy 2 fall pregnant again?


VALENE - February 14

I had a miscarriage today when I went to the doctor and had a miscarriage last Valentines day also ( isint that ironic) but i started out with brown discharge and the next couple of days i started Bleeding heavily. I went to the hospital and I miscarried. Not everyone who bleeds has a miscarriage. Sometimes they call it just old blood. I read in another part of this site and their was this girl who bleed bad and with clots and everything and her baby was just fine. So sadly mine wasent okey, So I strongly encourage anyone who may think their having a miscarriage to go straight to their doctor and if he/she wont se you that day, then go to the emergency room and they will examine you and give you a ultrasound. I had to go to the hospital the other day when I started bleeding. Miscarriage symptoms are painful abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, pa__sing tissue(clots). DONT PANIC just go see about it and if you are having a loss then it was just meant to be. This means somthing was wrong with the fetus. Most of the time it isint anything you done. BEST WISHES TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


valene - February 14

Claire, i'm sorry to here about your loss. I just lost one to here on Valenetines Day and last Valentines day I lost one also. I know how your feeling and it does hurt. This doesent mean you can't never get pregnant agian. Was this your first? i have already had one baby and he was born at the end of my 7th month. He was 2Ib and 10 ounces. He's just as healthy as he can be now. After I had him me and my husband have been trying for our girl and cant seem to get her. I'v miscarried twice in a row. I'm beginning to wonder if i'm going to be able to have another baby. Good Luck to you and hope things work out in the future. I believe they will.


Jessica - February 14

Do you all realize claires post is from November????????????


valene - March 8

jessica do you realize I am not stupid and that I can read. just because people post a couple months ago doesent mean that they dont come back and respond. Her past can help others, so dont be like that. that was rude.



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