Have IUD And Got Pregnant

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K. - May 16

My baby just turned 1. I had the IUD put in at 6 week appt., bled for 3 1/2 months and didn't again until I almost stopped br___tfeeding at around 9 months. That was the only 'period'. I suspected I was pregnant and am by about 2-3 months. The Dr. has scheduled me to have the IUD removed this week but I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THE RISKS/MISCARRIAGE. Has anyone experienced something similar? Would like to know the outcome; good or bad. Thank you.


Batya - May 30

I'm a few days late and have a non-hormone iud. it was put in after my youngest was born (now age 4). my periods now tend to be regular (28-29 day cycle) but a bit heavier than they used to be. that might also be age related. i'm 36 w/4 great kids (11,9,7 and 4) and very happy to be past my baby raising stage. after visiting the gyn yesterday she asked me if i was pregnant - i told her i was expecting my period any minute since i was already a bit late - and surprised me with the info that iud is only 96-97% effective. she didn't find anything during the exam (i was there for a routine checkup/pap) including u/s, and i went home. i haven't been getting any premenstrual signs and i started to wonder. asked my husband to pick up an hpt on his way home and now i'm waiting for morning to use. meanwhile it's the middle of the night and i can't sleep a wink. i decided to surf the net a bit about iud pregnancies and found you guys. i was surprised at how many woment got false-negative results when they checked, and now i'm worried that even if i do the test in the morning i may not be any wiser about my condition. for those of you who tested false-negative at first, how long did it take before your pregnancy tested positive? i wish all of you the best. btw- for those of you who are waiting to chek out possible pregnancy w/iud - DONT wait - iud increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy, which is life threatening if undiagnosed and untreated.


lovinmykids - June 1

Batya, hey my name is Ashley. Im 21 been married for 2 1/2 years, have a 21 month old boy, a 7month old girl, and I am 8 days late. I've had the mirena in for 3 months. I have been waking up nauseas. I pee a lot, and I am very tired. Am I pregnant? With my first, it took me 6 weeks to get a positive, with my second it took 4 weeks for a blood test to show up. It can take a while. Womens' hormones build up diferntly. Mine take a long time. I'm going next week for a blood test.


Batya - June 5

hello again ashley, it's me Batya again. were your other pregnancies false negative with blood tests too? I hope you're ok. God bless.


confused_lady - October 25

Batya, I'd love to know what came of your tests! I have non-hormal IUD too and I'm now a couple of weeks late, but HPT negative... Is the false negative with IUD a commen theme?!



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