Having A Healthy Baby After Miscarriage With A Trisomy 22 Ba

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candice - July 7

does anyone out there have a healthy baby and has had miscarriages with chromosomal defects? I had a miscarriage and was told the fetus had chromosomal abnormality. me and my husband have to go for genetic testing now. can this be a fluke or am i never going to be able to have a healthy child? please help


Michelle - July 18

Candice, Yes this is a fluke. That happened to me and my doc said it is very rare. Chances are next time, it wont happen again.


Tammye - July 19

I to just got my results back and am scared to death that i will not be able to have any other children. The funny part is that even know they say it is a fluke i can not find ont thing on this. i have searched the internet and books and can not find nothing. Michelle do you have another child or did you get pregnant after yours. I am baffled as to what could have caused it or any genectis that may run in out family that may have caused it as well. It is making more crazy trying to find it. And now were being told that we have to see a Genetic Counsler as well. I am worried to death because this is my husbands first child although i have 3 healthy children from prior relationships. Aug 1st is a long time off when you are trying to find info out on this. Please help as to if any one else have had children after being told your miscarrage was a cause of this rare disease


candice - July 19

Yeah tammye, i have looked on the internet and can't find anything either. I am petrified that me and my husband are not going to be able to have a healthy child together. i need to know if other people have healthy childrenand have had misscariages with trisomy 22. i have my appointment tomorrow am with the gentic counselor so i'll tell you what they say,


Tammye - July 20

Thanks Candice I am very curious to what they will say and what questions they ask please let me know and good luck tmrw.


Michelle - July 20

Canadice and Tammye. I met with our Genectic counsler and I was told Trisomy 22 is in the same family as Downs. The baby is born with an extra Chromosom. Please beleive me thats is only a fluke, specially if your under 40. The counsler will ask if anyone on either side of you or your husbands family has had anybody born with problems such as Downs, and other mental retardation problems. Ect. I got all my info from WWW. WebMd.com or The March of Dimes web site. Just type in "Trisomy 22". You'll get all the information you'll need.Everything will be fine next time. You'll see.. :)


Tammye - July 20

Thank you Michelle, it makes me feel so much better knowing that but i feel like i have a black cloud hanging over my head. It just seems like we never have any good luck and then this. I feel much better and the answer to what you said niether one of us have downs or mental retardation in either side of our families. And it wont happen again. Thank you very much. Tammye


if - July 20

Sorry about your experiences, its hard to hear the news. Many women suffer miscarriages before they even know they were pregnant. Your body does the "survival of teh fitest"thing and if there was an error or malformation going on during the first couple of weeks of development, it sometimes ends in mc, if the chances of survival are low. My dr explained this to me after i had my 3 mc's. Some of us just have a late period and it coupld be a missed pregnancy due to problems with chromosomes. And yes I have 2 healthy children and 1on the way. Keep you faith and God bless .


Jenn - July 24

I'm very sorry for your loss, but certainly can relate. I had my 2nd D & C on 5/23, and they did testing on the tissue. The results came back as Trisomy 22 being the cause of the miscarriage (stopped developing around 5 wks). It was nice to know the cause actually, and that it wasn't something that i'd done personally. My doc. said that although Trisomy 22 is rare - it is one of the most common chromosomal abnormalities that cause miscarriages. We both had our genetic tests run, and there aren't any abnormalities with either my husband or myself, so we're not carriers of this condition. My doc said that the chances of it happening again, are the same odds for anyone else getting pregnant. Hard to say whether or not my 1st m/c (12/2004) was caused by this as well - conditions were exactly the same, but didn't have testing done, so unsure. At the moment, i'm currently 6 wks. pregnant again (got pregnant before my 1st cycle after my m/c) - and so far so good. My hcg levels are higher than they've ever gotten w/the past two, so keeping my fingers crossed. Try to get as much information as you can from the doctors. From what I have been told myself, Trisomy 22 is rare - but not necessarily something that either you or your husband carry - sometimes things just don't divide correctly early on, and you end up w/the extra chromosome and it doesn't survive. Not something you can prevent - but fortunately very low odds of it happening to you again. Best of luck :)


Tammye - July 24

I am so glad i found a forum like this. To know i am not alone in wondering. We have to go back to the Dr's again tommorow and we will see. But after this i am not giving up hope. but i do want to see if either of us carry it. I have three healthy children already from a prior relationship. This is my husbands firtst. Thank you everyone for giving us such hope it has really helped us a lot.


NikkiLyn30 - August 15

I know just how you feel, and sorry that this happened.

i just had a D&C three weeks ago yesterday. I will be 31 the end of the year and my results came back trisomy 22. I have two healthy boys, and our little surprise baby girl didn't make it :( my youngest is 6. We see a genetic counselor Tuesday. 

I have had such a hard time finding anything on the web but so glad I found this, and it's not an old forum. 




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