HB 136 142 At 17 Weeks Good Or Bad

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ekay - April 15

My baby's heartrate started off at the 170's at 10 weeks, 150's at 12 weeks, 144 at 14 weeks and now at 17 weeks it ranges from 136-142 usually. Does this seem low? Or am I paranoid. I always thought it was supposed to be around double what our heartrates usually are or between 140-170. Since mine is at the low end of the spectrum, I am really concerned.


Melanie - April 15

ekay - I wouldn't be too concerned. My son's heartbeat was always in the low 140s and my twin girls were always high 150 close to 160. I am sure if there was a concern your doctor would share that with you. Take care and best wishes!


monica - April 15

I believe anything over 120 is normal. I do know that its normal that the h/b slows down from beginning and then remains the same for the rest of the pregnancy.


eyebeeablessing2u - April 15

My babty's HB ranges anywhere from 170 at 13 weeks to 157 at 20 and 122 at 25 and now at 28 it was 147..... it will flectuate all the time... don't worry....depends on baby's activity level


ekay - April 16

Thank you so much for your replies! Made me feel a bit better.


Justine - April 19

The baby's heartbeat is supposed to slow down a bit after the initial peak - its sounds very healthy to me.


Audrea - April 29

Just so you know where my answer is coming from, I am an RN in the Neonatal ICU and also work L&D when needed. The heartrate of a fetus will vary just as ours does. When we are sleeping it can go down in the 50's, some lower, and if we are moving about it can go up above 90. ( This is the normal range for adults.) The normal range for a fetus while sleeping and while vigorous is anywhere from 110-170. There are variations and can be normal even a little lower or higher. The good thing is that your little one has variations. This variation is often a sign of a healthy pregnancy and when a nonstress test is done one would look for variations in the heartrate of the fetus. It sounds like your little one is just as normal as you are and not to worry unless the doctor has told you otherwise. Hope that helps to ease your anxiety.



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