HCG 76 Amp HCG 96 Problems

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Kay - October 30

I had my first Hcg test last Wed and the doctor said the numbers looked really good...I'm 5 week along. I then had another test 48 hours later with a 96. The doctor told me this doesn't look very good and wants to do another test on 11-1-04. Is there a change of a successful pregnancy? I have had one sign of pregnancy...sore br___ts but nothing else. I haven't really seen any signs of a miscarriage. This is my first pregnancy so I'm not really sure what to expect. Any info would be great!!!


Nicole - October 31

Your hcg numbers should double every 48 hours...which is why he's saying the numbers dont look so good. I have heard however, that you cant pay so much attention to the hcg numbers...so get an ultrasound before he does a D&C. I'm thinking he's concerned about a blighted ovum at this point. A blighted ovum is an empty sac with no baby :0( This happened to me once. My prayers are with the both of you!


Kimmarie - November 1

I had a simular situation. My numbers didnt double as they should and went through some really stressful weeks. We did see a heartbeat 2 times and the 3rd scan it had stopped. I ended on miscarring a week and a half later.. My prayers are with you!


Kay - November 1

Thanks for the info. I'm trying not to get my hopes up to much. Everything I have read has not been very positive. I went for yet another blood test today. We get the results tomorrow. If it is bad news I just hope it doesn't drag out for many weeks. thanks again for your info. It has really help!


Jenn - November 29

Hi Kay, I just now ran across this message. I know exactly how you feel. I have been trying for over 8 years to get pregnant and I finally did in May. I had 3 HCG tests, and they weren't good. The first was 247 (day 34) then 417 (day 38) and 570 (day 45). I was told that it was either ectopic or I would miscarry. I ended up miscarrying on the 4th of July and had to have a D&C. Now, 4 months later, I am 5 weeks pregnant and scared to death that it will happen again. I am waiting to hear what my first blood test shows. Good luck to you, and many hugs.


Jamie - November 29

Jenn, I just read your post and will say a prayer for you. Keep us posted. I really hope you have a positive result!


Kay - November 29

Thanks for the reply. We ended up miscarring on Nov 3rd..no D&C needed. We are now trying again. Doc has gave us the green light! I'm ovslating so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Sorry to hear of your news. I would think it would be stressful wondering about another M/C.


TRUTH.... - December 7

I swear sometimes doctors like to scare the *ish outta people and tell them all this mess. Kay, honey, everybody's body is different. Some women's hcg levels do not double after 48 hours.....some double in 72 to 96 hours. Labs & docs are making a fortune off of reading level after level after level. If you find that you are pregnant....take care of yourself. If God sees fit to have you go through a miscarriage, then it will happen, even if the docs are reading your levels or not. They cannot stop the miscarriage. Sometimes, the anxiety of these women have about their hcg levels could very well contribute to their miscarriage. Take it easy, prop your feet up, take care of your body, and PRAY PRAY PRAY.



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