HCG And Progesterone

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khushi - November 16

I am 4w3d pregnant. Got a + HPT on Tuesday and went for bloodwork. My HCG was 13.7 and progesterone was 6.4. My OB/GYN prescribed me to take Prometrium 200 mg once every day. I went for bloodwork on Thursday after 48 hours and my HCG was 54.1 and progesterone was 17. I am very worried if this pregnancy has a chance since my HCG is so low. I have had previous 2 miscarriages and am so scared this time. I would like to hear from others?


ms. optimistik - November 20

Hopefully you have found comfort in what is happening...I realize mine info may be a little late. However, I am 7w6d pg and when they drew my hcg levels the first time at about 4 weeks, they were 118. They thought either I was not as far along as we thought or I had a missed ab. So they did the blood again a week later and it jumped to over 4000. Then they did an u/s showing I was 6w1d. So as long as your #'s are going up...they did double in that 48 hours, don't stress. You may not be as far along as you thought and the numbers are different for everyone....keep taking you vitamins and stay calm....I also had a m/c 3 weeks before I got pg with this baby....Do you take a baby asprin by chance?????


khushi - November 22

Hi Ms optimistik. Thanx for your reply. After the blood work results my OB/GYN prescribed me to take 2 Prometrium, 200 mg twice, one in the morning and the other in the night. I had another bloodwork done on the 19th which was 4 days after my previous blood work and my HCG jumped to 516.4 and progesterone was 53.0. Even my nurse tells me that the #s are doubling, so things look good but I can't stop worrying. Although my HCG is low it is in the range I saw at the American Pregnancy a__sociation website. But now I am worried that the #s are more than doubling. Is that a problem?


ms. optimistik - November 23

Hey that is wonderful....no it is not bad for them to more than double...Like I said mine went from 118 to over 4000 in a week....if they are only supposed to double, mine should have been more around 1900 not 4000....I've had some say twins in my future cuz of how fast they jumped, but doc doesn't think so...she says my #'s are good just not good enough for twins!!!! You are doing great...You said you had 2 m/c before, I just had 1 and my doc has me taking a baby asprin once a day...it helps thin your blood and research has shown it helps prevent m/c due to lack of oxygen getting to the baby...you should ask your doc. When I m/c I was between 2 & 3 weeks....this pg I am 8w2d!!!!! Good luck sweetie!!!!! Healthy Baby dust to you!!!!


Mari26me - November 27

I just got my blood test results and my HCG was about 350. I was 4w2d at the time of the test. My doctor called my today and asked to have my blood taken again. I went this mornig, so hopefully mine have doubled. I am kinda worried, but just waiting to hear what the doctor has to say. Anyone else had same HVg lvl and the nsuccessful pregnancy?


Mari26me - November 27

ops I meant to say successful pregnanacy. :)


jiffiner - November 28

khushi, I am in the same boat. I am pregnant again for the 4th time, the last one ended up in a MC. I had blood work done Monday (4wk3d) and my progesterone was 15 and HCG was 20.5. I am waiting to hear back from the doctor to see what the next step is. Last pregnancy started with HCG of 13. I am also worried but I have been reading a lot online that you can have healthy pregancies even with low HCG levels. Keep us informed and I will update with progress too.



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