Hcg Levels

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Melvina - June 9

Good morning. My story is that I am having a hard time carrying a baby. I am now pregnant with my second child (first precnancy ended in miscarriage.) and I had a +hpt x 1 week ago. So I had my hcg quant done the first showed 671. That was great to hear, but at the same time I have had some light bleeding at the same time which is common in most woman. On 06/06, the bleeding increased, so I had more blood drawn which the second hcg test showed that 1388, which meant my numbers were doubling. However, on 06/08, the bleeding was still the same ,but I started to notice small blood clot whenever I used the bathroom, so I went the ER last night and had an u/s done which showed no sac , yolk nothing. At the Er they redrew my blood and the hcg levels at that were 1323. could it mean I may be miscarrying or does hcg levels rise and falll? How common it that ?


tritty - June 9

i just spent all last night doing research on hcg levels because i had a question myself. from what i've read your number should double or at least increase 66-75% every 48 to 72 hours. if your levels do not increase steadily or stop increasing or decline that is usually a sign of an unhealthy pregnancy, possible miscarrage, or an ectopic pregnancy. i'm not by any means saying this is what is happening to you, i'm just letting you know what i found out last night. i wish you the best of luck and hope your dreams of being a mommy come true soon. please keep me posted!


Melvina - June 9

Thanks, Tritty for that vital information. I do believe I have miscarried because today the bleeding is a lot heavier and bigger blood clots. I believe it is in Gods will. Whatever happens from hear it is out of my will. God knows best. continue to pray for me. Hope you are finding the info you need. thanks again for being concerned.


Laura Wheat - June 16

Melvine, My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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