Hcg Levels Not Doubling But Increasing

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Jamie - April 27

I am so glad i found this site! Well on 4-20 my period was 2 days late but since it was my first month back on the pill i figured it could have just been that but i took a pregnancy test just incase. well the test was positive so then i got another test just to be sure and it was positive as well. then i decided to be really sure i would go to a clinic and get tested there as well and again it was positive. I was thrilled!!! I told my family and friends who were all very supportive, I am only 20 and attend college, so i was afraid of how they might react to me deciding to keep the baby but everyone was overjoyed. So then I woke up on 4-23 and i was bleeding, like a period bleeding it was red, so i went to the ER because its better to be safe then sorry. I did a series of tests and since i had started the pill this month my period was expected at a different time then i would normally get it and so the timing is really off and im not sure how to predict the date of my last period and stuff like that. so the doctors concluded that its either really early in my pregnancy or i am miscarrying. So my HCG level was 90 and i was to be tested in 2 days. I got tested again on 4-25 and my new level had risen but not doubled from 90- 110. My "period" stopped on Monday night and I had no cramping and there was no clots of any sort. So then they said i should get tested again in 48 hours...so now it is wednesday and i got tested and when they called they said my levels are about the same and I am having a miscarrage. she said i will probably begin bleeding again in a few days and thats when the miscarrage will occur if it hasnt already?!?!?!?!? So i have an apointment tomorow and they said they wanted to remove whats left of the misscarrage...i forget what she called the procedure but I dont think that i want to let them do it now that i know you can let nature run its corse and everything. I am just so confused and wonder if there is hope in this situation? Any info would be helpful. Thank you!



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