HcG Low But Rising Barely After Supposed M C Pls Help

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Shell - January 24

I conceived around 12/25. On 1/4 I started spotting/cramping. Dr. checked my blood right away and HcG came back at only 13. I was told I would likely m/c and I did start heavy bleeding/cramping (lasting nearly 10 days, off an on). Went in for a routine blood test the next week (1/14) to ensure HcG levels had dropped. Instead, they had increased from 13 to 58. Another blood test was ordered and on 1/20 the HcG came back at 78 (another slight increase but still exceedingly low for nearly 4 wks after conception). Dr. is very puzzled. I have had very bad lower back pain and intermittent, sometimes severe abdominal pain/tenderness/aching. Also, very bloated. Thought about an ectopic pregnancy but Dr. said not likely and w/ the low HcG levels it would not be causing me pain. Dr. thinks I have some remaining placental tissue that is causing the HcG. If so, I still don't understand why the #s are increasing (as opposed to just remaining the same) I go in this week for a pelvic exam due to my pain but I'm really worried. I can't find any information online to explain increasing HcG after supposed miscarriage. Can anyone offer any insight/advice? Thank you!


HILDA - February 11

OMG!!!! I am going through the exact same thing. My hcg on 1/10 was 10.9, then i bled heavily with cramps on 1/11/05. Doctor said I miscarried. had hcg test again on 2/2, hcg came back 443, tested again on 4/4-503, then on 2/7-618. Since they are not doubling every 48-72hrs dr. doesnt think its and embryo, he thinks i have tissue left over from my miscairrage. I am going to take another hcg test next wed. 2/16 to see what my hcg is, if low, he wants to do a D&C. I am so very stressed. Need so good advice. Anyone else been through this? Shell, let me know what happens with you. [email protected] thanks.


jessica h - February 11

last year i went through the same thing back to back miscarriages .Both the hcg continued to rise. Eventualy they started to drop after i started to bleed again.I would get a d&c,and if after that they continue to rise they will most likely give you methotrexate,wich stops the further development just in case its in the tube,so your tube wont be in danger of burstin,i wish you both luckfor this and future pregnancies.


Shelly - February 12

Just wanted to update. The Dr. sched an ultrasound but it showed no evidence of an ectopic pregnancy and no evidence of a viable pregnancy (sac, fetal pole) in my uterus. They did see some thickening of the uterine lining which supported the Dr's a__sumption that I had m/c and had just retained some tissue (which was causing the rising HcG). They also found a 4cm hemmorhagic cyst that was probably causing a lot of my pain. So, certain that it wasn't a viable pregnancy the Dr. gave me the option of waiting it out another week (he wouldn't let it go any longer than that) or opting for a shot or a d&c. I desperately wanted it to happen naturally. Fortunately, a little less than a week later I started bleeding just like a period (w/ cramps) but had one episode of excruciating pain and pa__sed what looked like big pieces of tissue. After that I stopped bleeding. My last bloodwork shows that my HcG had decreased considerably. Hilda, I am so sorry you are going through this. I know what an emotional rollercoaster it is wondering if it's a viable pregnancy or not. My HcG #s were much lower than yours and at my low levels the Dr. figured I would just get my period...and I did. Your #s are high enough that it might be different for you. I have to tell you something else, though. With my first pregnancy my HcG levels weren't doubling properly...not even close! But I have a beautiful, healthy little girl and all the reason in the world to not put a whole lot of importance in HcG #s. I hope you will update us when you can.



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