HCG Of 20 At About 16 18 Dpo

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Jo - March 29

I feel so devestated. This is my first positive beta and it is soooo low. My doctor hopes that I just miscalculated and that I might be as early as 14-15 dpo. Fertility Friend has me at 19 dpo. I also got started on Prometrium so hopefully things will pick up, but I'm not very hopeful


melissa - March 29

Jo, Hey, how far along are you? When I was 4 weeks 4 days my HCG was 37 and they scared me saying it was too low. Two days later it was only 44! Now at 5 weeks 5 days it more than doubled form 44 to 309. Are you bleeding or anything? Your absolutly right to stay hopeful sweety. Numbers that low in the begining are usually just cuz your early. I'm not a doc or nothing just telling you what my doc said and what I have seen online. {HUGS}


Jo - March 29

I started prometrium last night and had some spotting today. Very light so far... I'm thinking I should be at least 4 weeks and 4 days now but I'm really not positive of anything. Fertility friend says I am on day 36 of what would have been a 31 days cycle. But I don't see how I could be that far behind because the last time we bd'd was at the very end of day 17.


nellie, - March 30

ask them to do a sonogram, and that would determine how far r u........ have you had any bleeding.


Jo - March 30

Nellie, Just some spotting when I wipe. I go in for another beta tomorrow unless I get full on bleeding.


Melissa - March 30

Jo, If you start bleeding full on I would still get the blood test done.I bled close to period like for two days and within that time my HCG shot up from 44 to 309. Ya just never know. Keep me posted!


Raven - March 30

Melissa, it is so wonderful to read your response. I took a home preg test on Sunday and it was positive. I went to the doctor's on Monday and took a test, which was also positive. However, my hcg level was only 125. I did another hcg level test today and am awaiting the results


Michelle - March 30

I have a question. I m/c on March 8 and had a D&C. I thought i was ovulating last week but my hcg was at a 10. I just had my blood drawn this week and hcg was under 5. TTC last week before 1st cycle. Is there a chance of being pregnant and having hcg under 5 if only 1-3 days past ovulation.


Jo - March 30

I talked to the doctor, 7.5 hrs after I called. Pretty much in tears because I didn't know which way things were going. By my calculations, I will be at least 4.5 weeks. Luckily, the bleeding hasn't gotten any worse, and the dr said that she would give me a ultrasound tomorrow to make sure that it is not an ectopic pg.. Too early to tell much else except to see the bloodwork numbers in the afternoon.


Melissa - March 30

Raven, Did you get the results from your blood test? Michelle,if it's only 1-3 days after ovulation I would THINK HCG could be under five. I know blood tests can can pick up HCG in the blood as early as a week after conception, at least that is what I was told by my doc.Just for the record I think it's great that your trying again..YOU GO GIRL! I know I am such a dork~~~


Melissa - March 30

Jo, Isnt it typical to wait FOREVER on the doc to call you back while you are a wreck! I think it happens to all of us. Did you get your results in yet? I don't know if you this or not but, typically you cannot see a fetus on a ultrasound until your HCG is around 1000+, and a heartbeat usually around 5-6 sometimes seven weeks. Heck, I have even heard of women not seeing there baby on the U/S until there HCG was 14000 and a heartbeat until 9 weeks!! So, I think it is safe to say every woman is different with there pregnancy. Anyway, I know you said your HCG was real low that's why I am rambling on.... I had a U/S at 4.5 days and they could not see a thing b/c my HCG was only 37 at the time. Let me know what happens:)


Jo - April 1

Yes, I got my results, though I already know that I had lost the "baby" I'm not even sure what to call it. It may have attached but only for a week or so. My hCG was less then 5 and my p4 was only 1.4. DH is being GREAT about it and said that now we know what the problem is and so we can fix it.



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