HCG To 0 After Ectopic

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dzp - October 17

Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I had a shot of methotrexate on 9/21, which failed and led my drs to believe i was going to have a miscarriage. Then I had a D&C on 9/28, in which they found nothing and diagnosed me with an ectopic, for which they gave me a second shot of methotrexate. It's now been almost four weeks since my second shot and my beta hCG is at 90. Does anyone know how long it takes to get back to 0? Also, when should I expect a period--or to bleed at all?


Georgia - October 17

If you had an ectopic why did they give you a D and C? If they weren't SURE you had an ectopic, why did they give you methotrexate until they were absolutely sure? I had a methotrexate shot in Feb. and then continued to have pain in my right tube a few weeks later. So, I went back in the levels were like 200 something, so I had to get a second shot. Then I started feeling better and never went back to get my levels tested again. I had my period about 5 weeks after that second shot. I don't think they will give you more than 2 shots, but I am SO confused as to why you had a D and C before you had a 2nd shot. If there was any chance at all the baby was in your uterus, you never should have been given a methotrexate shot unless you did not want a baby. ?


Kristin72 - October 18

I too received methodextrate for a suspicious ectopic on Sept 6th. I was given it 2 times like you on the 28th of August as well. The first time my levels continued to rise. Georgia, they have to act quickly to administer the methdextrate if they are suspicious of an ectopic or else a rupture can occur. To answer your question though it took me almost 7 weeks for it to go back to 0. Today I had my last hcg draw and it finally dropped to 0. It went from 3300 to 1600 to 900 to 450 to 250 to 95 to 45 to 29 to 9 and tdoay 0. What a long tedius and uncomfortable time this was for me. I have also been bleeding the entire time with the last week being more like a period. I have also had 2 D&C's b4 for retained palcenta after the birth of my baby and for a loss I had indec '05. It is so hard for them like I said to diagnose these ectopics but if a pregnancy is not progressing normally (doubling every 48 hours or so) then they do a ultrasound a check the tubes ..when it is so early the tissue is less than cm we're talking mm so they have to go with their gut and nothing being found in the uterus. Anyway, hope you are on the road to recovery soon. Are you going to ttc again? I am going to have some tests to see if my tubes are blocked with an hSg test. then hopefully i will be blessed with another baby. Good luck to you



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