Head Size Is 2 Standard Deviations Below Normal

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dborovat - March 11

My wife is 33 weeks pregnant today. She has a bi-cornuate uterus and we are thrilled to soon be new parents. We experienced a miss carriage over a year ago so we feel blessed to be where we are at today. Based on her uterus shape, we've been seeing both our regular OB and a High Risk Doctor. About two months ago the high risk doctor noticed that the head was small. They didn't really alarm us at all about this over the past two months. We went back to the High Risk this past Monday (3/8) and although the head has grown it is still on the small side. The high risk doctor said he would do some homework and call us back. Well the high risk doctor called my wife at work yesterday and said that his head is 2 Standard Deviations below a Normal Baby's Head size for being this far along. In my research I've learned that 3 SD's below is not good. My wife is really upset and scared. There have been no other concerns, signs, abnormal test results throughout the entire pregancy. When my wife was born, her head was so small that 10 doctors crowded around her to check out her head size. I've read that the baby's head size could be a direct result of her head size. I'm so worried! I'm trying to be strong and focus on all the positives in front of my wife but inside I'm really struggling with this. She is very upset, scared, and wondering what is wrong with her. Can anyone speak to similar situations? Any advice that you can provide?


jamato253 - March 11

You are doing all of the right thinks. Be strong, focus on the positives. She needs you to be positive since her hormones are likely to send her into frenzy. There is some comfort in knowing that lots of things are hereditary and its likely that your son is following similar attributes as your wife. Rea__sure your wife that everything will work out, you love your child and get back to be excited about becoming parents. Good luck!



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