Heart Shaped Uterus

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hi - April 1

im pregnant with a heart shaped uterus what should i worry about??? Had no info off doc as he has no idea about these things xx


ee - April 1

If your dr. doesn't know anything about heart shaped uteruses I'd say you need to find a different dr.


C - April 2

I agree... Find another dr!!


Danielle - April 28

I also have a heart shaped uterus and have delivered two girls by c-sections. Both of my girls were breech and couldn't turn because their heads were in the top of the heart part. I had no complications and both girls were 8lbs.9 1/2 ounces each and very healthy. Good Luck and don't worry.


Karen - April 28

I have the same problem and carried my first son to term and he weighed 6lbs. My second pregnancy I had a placental abrution due to the placenta attached at the middle septum and delivered via c-section at 32 weeks. He weighed 4lbs. but is doing fine. I would suggest seeing a maternal fetal medicine specialist in your area.


PC - May 5

Hi there. I have a perfectly heart shaped uterus and had my first child by c-section. The baby was in a frank breech position from about 20 weeks on. I'm pregnant again and my Obstetrician says I might be able to have a vbac (v____al after c-section) if the baby is positioned properly. I'd suggest a new doctor unless you really (otherwise) like the person you're seeing. As long as you trust them with your delivery / c-section (my experience was fantastic) then I'd say no worries.


hi - May 6

thanks ladies 4 yr info i lost last baby at only 6 weeks so i am worrying all the time! the midwife is sending me to a specilaist so it gets checked now and then! I already have one 6 yr old son and i gave irth naturally but i was never told i had a heart shaped uterus then so who knows if it just appeared or what????? Im still only 10 weeks and im worrying as i also have a cyst xxx Thanks 4 yr advise and help xx


Mom1Jola - May 7

I also have bicornuate uterus (heart shaped uterus). You are more likely to deliver early and have smaller babies, I was very fortunate because my daughter went head down very early and could not flip back, she was 8lbs. 3 oz and 1 week overdue.


hi - May 9

that was lucky then xxxx Bet u were pleased she turned early bless her xxx glad everythin went ok x


Monica - May 9

Wow, I really love this site so much. I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with a heart shaped uterus. I have had a lot of worries about it, but now after reading everyones stories I feel much better. All I want is a healthy baby, I don't care how they come out of me!!! Thanks for the strenghth!!!


becky - May 12

I have had 2 children with normal delivery. One delivered at 37 weeks and the other delivered at 38 weeks even though he tried to come 4 weeks earlier but got stopped. I think that I am pregnant again (very early-cant tell from ultrasound yet) and am having menstral like cramping. Dr wanted to make sure that I didnt have cyst so had ultra sound done yesterday. Negative cyst but just found out that I have a heart shaped uturus.


Rabbya - May 21

hi,i can't really answer ur question,'coz i have same question.i had 2 mscgs both after 6 weeks,now i found out that i have heartshaped uterus,i don't know how to proceed?my dr.suggests that i should go for surgery....but after readin' all ur stories,i wanna try one more time without surgery...ne comments??????


Matt - May 22

Hi there, My wife has a bicornuate uterus, we actually only found out this weekend under very sad circ_mstances. 4 weeks ago (She was at 13 weeks) her water broke and our specialist had us hanging for another month to give the fluid a chance to build, unfortunatly it didn't build and she had to give birth to our baby boy at 17 weeks, obviously with all the complications and the age of the baby there was no chance of survival. We were told that this is VERY rare and to be honest we may never know the cause, very hard not being sure. Now knowing about the bicornuate uterus we now have to long road of finding out what we may be in for next time. If anyone has any inside info I'd love to hear about it. Reading all of your posts has been encouraging and I thank you for that, best wishes to you all.XX


Lisa - May 23

Matt, I am so sorry to hear of your recent heartaches and applaud you for seeking information and for supporting your wife at this time. Sadly, I have no special bicornuate insights for you. I found out two weeks ago that my uterus is shaped like a heart instead of a pear, with our (now 10 weeks) little baby in the left horn and "decidual reaction" from the miscarriage I had at 8 1/2 weeks last February evident in the right horn. Like you, I am here too, looking for information. I haven't told my husband about my funny shaped uterus yet. He is working overseas and emailing me often, I don't want him to panic or worry and I'd rather tell him about it armed with the facts. My Doctor is great, he says it is a lot more common than people realise and every chance of a full term, healthy v____al birth, where the upper indent is pushed up out of the way by growing baby. Hopefully, this is what is in store for us. Blesings to you. Lisa xxx


Sherry - May 24

Hello Everyone... this is a great website! very rea__suring. I to just found out I have a bicornuate uterus and I am now 9 weeks pregnant. At a very early age I found out I have a condition called duplex kidney which is actually 3 kidneys but only one functions properly. Haven't had any complications with the duplex kidney and was told I would live a normal healthy life. However, what the doctor failed to tell me is that with the duplex kidney condition also comes the possibility of abnomalities with the uterus. So I suggest you ladies possible have your kidneys checked out as well for piece of mind. I also have cysts and spotting. I am praying to God that everything works out. This is my first child and I am 35 years old and so looking forward to this little bundle of joy. I did have an ultrasound just last week at 8 weeks and they did see my baby and a heartbeat, so that was rea__suring. I wish you all the best of luck!!


Bon - May 26

i had a missed misscary in dec the baby died at 9 weeks and didnt find out till i was 14 weeks i had to wait till it came out a few weeks later but i have a bicirnuate uterus and have been trying for a baby 4 months now with nothing is it coz of the uterus ? will i ever have a baby?


Tina - May 27

There is a Yahoo! group for women with uterine anomalies such as bicornuate and septate uteri. If you go to Yahoo! Groups and search for "mullerian anomalies" you will find it. I am a member, altho I rarely frequent now, but I used to be an avid member a few years ago when I was misdiagnosed with a bicornuate uterus (I actually had a septum). The women there have a wealth of experience and information, go check it out!



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