Heart Shaped Uterus

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jenH - April 27

i have this same problem and 3 days ago had to have a D&E at 8 weeks the heartbeat was strong 4 weeks later bleeding and no heartbeat no sure yet why this happened have to wait 3 weeks for blood work


JuliaX - June 7

I was diagnosed to have a heart shaped uterus when the baby is 8/9 weeks. I lost my baby one week later. Now I am expelling the lefts in my uterus naturely. I think I will find a specialist for me while be more careful next time. Good lucks to all of us!


Greeklady28 - June 8

I am 28 and pregnant for the first time with a bicornuate uterus. I have read many of the comments that many women have miscarried due to this issue. How many, on average, have you all miscarried before giving birth to a viable baby?


HopefulK - July 4

Hi guys, gosh this is a long entry. I too have a heart shaped uterus, discovered during my first pregnancy due to the bleeding. As you know, some of us still bleed for a bit during the begining of pregnancy (actually mine lasted mildly for up to 5 months) so the fear of miscarriage is strong. I just wanted to let you know that, like many of the women who've posted, you too can have a viable pregnancy. I did loose my daugter at 28 weeks (early ruptured membrane and then infection) and I had a blighted ovumn (though that can happen to anyone), and finally had my son at 33 weeks in March. He's doing fab. Both of my pregnancies have been pretty normal (loads of checking from dr's though), but my daughter had bilateral tipalis and that may have been something to do with not having enough room to grow. My advice, try and enjoy your pregnancy, but be really aware that you could go into preterm labour, usually due to ruptured membranes (not always a gush sometimes a slooooow leak, trust yourself you usually know if your peeing), that bleeding doesn't have to be the end in our case, and most importantly there is absolutley no reason, with monitoring, it has to go wrong. Good luck to all those pregnant bellies x


chaisemarie - July 16

I just had a miscarriage at a little over 10 weeks and had a D&C. I found out at 6 weeks that I had a heart shaped uterus but didn't know it was an issue. Now my doctor (who is wonderful) is going to do the dye test on me to see just how much of a heart shape my uterus is. Has anyone had that?


redmondsky - July 17

I have a heart shaped uterus and it caused zero trouble when we had our first baby. From what I understand it depends upon the severity of it BUT when you hear heart shaped - it probably means its mild. The other kind of uterus shape that is similar to a mild heart shape is a septate - but that is more severe than a heart shape. If you look up the keyword on the net you will see info on it.


sad.girl - August 21

i also .. have a heart shaped uterus and i just found out not to long ago.. and i cant understand why all you girls can get pregnant and i cant . i know my Doctor told me that with a heart shaped uterus its harder to fall pregnant but i know alot of girls that have got pregnant and i dont know why i cant ... can some one help me Please


chaisemarie - August 21

Sweetheart first of all I will tell you what any doctor would....you need to relax. High stress is proven to make getting pregnant difficult. I know it is easier said then done but you must try. Find an activity you enjoy that helps you destress...for example I love to run so that is my relief. The endorphines alone will really help. Other then your heart shaped uterus has the doctor said anything about fertility problems? I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and have just recently started trying again and am scared. It is hard being a woman who wants a family and is faced with hard obstacles.....you are in my prayers


Greeklady28 - August 21

sad.girl- From what I am learning about having a heart shaped uterus, there are varying degrees of severity. My doctor advised me of this test where they inject you with a dye that can be seen on a special ultrasound machine to determine the exact shape of your uterus. It is covered by most healthplans, so ask you doctor about this test and see if you can have it done. If you haven't already, read thru some of the responses from the ladies on this chain. There is some helpful information. Most of all, do NOT give up hope. Research as best you can and talk to your doctor. A heart shaped uterus does not mean that you can't have a baby. I've been trying for 2 years and am finally pregnant (19 weeks). I used to feel like you did. I spent a lot of money on pregnancy tests and took them all the time, then I gave up hope. I stopped thinking about babies, and focused on my job. I went on a long vacation to Europe (without my hubby) and ended up conceiving the day I got back home. Relax and know that there is hope. I hope to see you on the first trimester board soon!


CodyKatie5 - September 4

I just lost my daughter (first child) 3 1/2 weeks ago at full term (40w4d) due to a nuchal cord accident. The doc told me during my c-section (wasn't the doc I had been going to as he was out of town) that I had a heart shaped uterus and that in my future pregnancies the baby will most likely be breech too (my little girl was breech as well). She was 6 lbs 3 oz so she was a healthy size. I did notice that she did tend to stay mostly on my right side though. Not sure if that had to due w/my heart shaped uterus. It was the first I had heard of me having it as my doc, who is a good doc, never noticed it before. I'm praying it's mild and reading these things has made me feel a little better as I am freaking out that it will be hard to conceive another baby. I got pregnant with Brooke after only 2 months, so I'm hoping it will be the same next time around. I'm awaiting my medical records to see what the doc who did the surgery has to say about it. He didn't make it sound too serious so I hope I will be ok. Oh, and I didn't have ANY complications w/my pregnancy. Everything was good. Praying for the next time, just with a better outcome. :)


Greeklady28 - September 5

CodyKatie5- first off, I'm sorry for your loss. A few things don't make sense to me about your comment. First of all, were you receiving proper pre-natal care by a qualified physician? Most women with bircornuate uteruses (aka heart shaped uteruses) are diagnosed in the first trimester via an ultrasound. Even if it wasn't detected early, your doctor should have been concerned that the baby spent the entire pregnancy only on one side of the uterus. Your uterus would look lopsided in the third trimester, and should have been detected by your doctor in a physical exam at least. I was diagnosed in my first trimester, and I am considered as having a high risk pregnancy as premature labor is the biggest concern since the baby only has half the uterus to grow in. Why you weren't treated at a high risk patient baffles me. Conception is not really an issue with a heart shaped uterus, it's the fact that the baby has less room to grow and develop in. And yes, from my research, I have read that babies born to mom's with heart shaped uteruses also tend to be breech. I recommend finding a new doctor and doing some research. Good luck to you


CodyKatie5 - September 6

I don't know if my uterus really is heart shaped though because she didn't have growth restrictions. She was 6 lb 3 oz, so she was a healthy size and she was able to move in the middle of my uterus too. My belly was lopsided at times, but it would even out most of the time too. I'm awaiting my medical records to see if the doc who did my c-section even mentioned me having a bicornute uterus in my records, or if it was only something he just happened to make an observation on. I'm guessing it's really not too severe because I think he would have gone into more detail if it was. Also, I didn't have any problems with pre-term labor. In fact, I never even experienced braxton hicks contractions. I was OVER my due date when I delivered her. It doesn't really matter now because I will be treated as high risk next time simply because she was stillborn from the cord accident.


ChrissaPox - September 24

I was just recently (today as a matter of fact) diagnosed with a heart shaped uterus after going in for a OB/GYN check up due to spotting and cramping. This is now my second miscarriage in the past 9 months with no explanation until now with this diagnosis. I have a 5 year old son that I had v____ally at 37 weeks gestation 8 lbs 7 oz with no complications what-so-ever, And now I am having a hard time conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy. I have a follow up visit in 2 weeks to review tests and what options I have to work through this complication. I have a really good doctor now and I'm sure that we will figure out whats best for us....and I will let you know more information about the options as I find out about them in a few weeks. Take Care Everyone!


AnxiouslyWaiting - October 10

I have a bicoruate uterus. I've had three pregnancies and only one birth. My first pregnancy ended at 11 weeks, but the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks. The second produced a beautiful, healthy baby girl who weighed in at 6 lbs 8 oz. She was breeched and came a few weeks early, but with no complications. She was delivered via C-section. Just recently I had a chemical pregnancy that ended at 5 1/2 weeks. The only major problem a doctor had commented to me was that the embryo implanted on the uterus and not on the septum. Because if it implanted on the septum, it wouldn't be able to hold the pregnancy. My daughter is now 2 and I think we'll hold off on trying again for now. Good luck to everyone!!!


Miss H - December 7

Hi everyone. I am 21 years old, i found out this week that i have a Didelphic uterus. I am not pregnant and my reason for going to the gynae was because tampons did not work properly (now i know it is due o the didelphic uterus. I am going for surgery in 1 week, a laparoscopic surgery. I am very scared as I have never heard of this before. My concern is that i will never be able to carry a baby? I am only 21 and do not wish to have children know, but te thoought of never being able to have a child ofmy own is frightening. please can someone give me some advie on what is in store for me?


Tiffany2687 - December 20

Tiffany here. So, I went to the hospital yesterday. I found out that I have a heart shaped uturus. I have no ide what that is or what it can do. I'm so scared. This is my first pergnancy. My babys just fine for now. I'm 7 1/2 weeks right now. My baby is in my left uturus and in my right would be an empty sack with blood or something in it. I'm waiting for a call to see if I had twins and if one didn't make it. I'm so scared. I don't want to lose my baby. I've been wanting this for so long. I don't know what to do or how to handle it. Can someone please help me?



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