Heart Shaped Uterus

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Tiffany2687 - December 20

Tiffany here. So, I went to the hospital yesterday. I found out that I have a heart shaped uturus. I have no ide what that is or what it can do. I'm so scared. This is my first pergnancy. My babys just fine for now. I'm 7 1/2 weeks right now. My baby is in my left uturus and in my right would be an empty sack with blood or something in it. I'm waiting for a call to see if I had twins and if one didn't make it. I'm so scared. I don't want to lose my baby. I've been wanting this for so long. I don't know what to do or how to handle it. Can someone please help me?


Robinson - December 29

I lost a baby 6mons ago do to haven a heart shaped uterus and my doc said that i sould take it easy the next time so i would have a beter chance in carriein the baby full term im not pregnant agian yet b-cuz im scared in a way but hearing all of you and your stores im not as scared


want2Bmommy - January 31

my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 yrs. we've had 5 miscarriages, all by 6wks. the dnc I had last week revealed to the doctor that I may have a heart shaped uterus as he took his time and "felt" his way around . it seems the baby was on the left side which is the smaller side. We have been tested for everything even genetic testing (blood test). i know it might sound strange, but, know at least we have a chance to address a reason for these miscarraiges, my doctor also said depending on how "deep" the cleft is, he may be able to just - kind of sc___pe- it to smooth it out, if it's a little deeper, he may be able to "cut" it through surgery. but this gives me hope because it tells me that if i just have to keep trying eventually my baby will settle on the "right" side! a wonderful husband, supportive job/bosses and faith in God gets me through it.


Shannon30 - February 15

I found out I had a heart shaped uterus when I was pregnant with my third child. They told me it's something that I was born with. I asked them why they never saw it with the first 2 pregnancies and they didn't know. Well I had some bleeding in my first trimester with the 3rd pregnancy and every time they did an ultrasound and everything was fine. I went in for my normal 16 week exam and the couldn't hear the heartbeat, which wasn't out of the ordinary because 4 weeks earlier the same thing happened and they did the ultrasound and everything was fine. Well this time they did the ultrasound and the baby had died. So I had to give birth at 16 weeks to a dead baby and then 3 weeks later had to have a d and c because I had afterbirth still in me due to having a retained placenta after delivering. Well then I got pregnant again 6 months later. At 6 weeks approx. they did my first ultrasound and didn't see a heart beat yet so they wanted to see me back in another week. They told me not to worry, but I did anyways. Well a week later they didn't see anything. The baby never formed. So I just had to have another d and c a week ago. I actually have to go back to the dr's tomorrow because I am still cramping a week after having my d and c and the dr said that's not normal. When I go in I'm going to be asking alot of questions due to 2 miscarriages in 8 months and what chance it is from having a heart shaped uterus. I wouldn't let what I'm telling you discourage you because my first 2 pregnancies were normal pregnancies and had 2 healthy boys.


sillypickles - February 17

I have a heart shaped uterus to if your doctor does not know anything about them trust me get a new one things can be fine or you could have pre-term labor problems or v____al bleeding. how far along are you is this your first child?


sam2001 - March 23

hello, im kinda new never been on hear before. ihave had 6 misscarrages, my last 1 was 5wks ago im completely tramatised and i want answers but no1 seem to be able to help. i have a 6yr old son before all of my misscarrages. iv had tests done in 2006 but they came back all fine! at my last scan they noticed my uterus was heart shaped this had never been pick up befor this date. they dont seem to be able to tell me if it connacted, iv just come back from my final test which have all come back clear? the told me only to worry about my heart shaped uterus if i made it past 12wks! i didnt find that very helpful. i am at wits end i want another child but dont know if i can keep goin through this. can anyone give me information on heart shaped uterus's. xx


slb0077 - March 25

Hi everybody!! I am so excited to find a forum that's still active. sympathize with each and every one of you who've experienced a m/c. I have two times, and my heart broke every single time! There really aren't words to describe how it feels....it just hurts. I keep whispering to myself, BE STRONG, BE BRAVE, BE PATIENT, but even firm believers sometimes need rea__surance, and you all rea__sure me that it will be ok and I will have my beautiful baby one day. I am now seeing a fertility specialist and am not infertile, i can conceive, just m/c around 6-7 weeks. Found out i am positive for antiphospholipid antibody and will need to be on baby ASA for life and Heparin injections when I get pregnant again. Had and histosalpinogram (sp) today and the Dr says my uterus is heart shaped. He immediately said, its a good thing because it can be fixed..but it feels like another barrier to prevent me from having a baby. However after much thought (and reading your beautiful entries, I WILL get pregnant, take my injections and baby aspirin and everything will be okay I hope. Find a doctor you feel good about and confident with, and don;t give up. Please keep this post going, I need it so much.


bridgette1990 - April 16

im only 17 and i just recently found out i was pregnant. im only 6 weeks and 3 days. ive been in and out of the doc the last 3 days now because i have been cramping and bleeding and i was afraid i was having a miscarriage. they said all of that looked ok and it was normal to bleed at first for some women but they did and ultra sound and said i had a heart shaped uterus. my doc told me i would more than likely have to have a c section and that i might have a premature baby. i have been very very nervous. this website has given me a lot of comfort. i hope all goes well, for me, and for all of you other women!


manda9285 - November 28

HI, I found out during my first ultrasound that i have a heart shaped uterus, this is my first pregnancy and im 20 weeks now everything seems to be going good although i am still very scared. i pray all the time that everything will go ok but this forum does make me feel a little better!


barrua - November 30

Hello, I too have a heart shaped uterus. I underwent surgery about 7 years ago where they remove the septum. I have a five year old daughter and currently 32 weeks pregnant. Its been a long journey for me...Find a doctor who knows more about your situation...


cheryn - January 25

I found out after baby #3 that I too have a heart-shaped uterus. After my first v____al birth, I lost a lot of blood but my doctor was able to repair everything with minimal damage. After the 2nd vag birth, I had a D&C 5 weeks postpartum because some placenta was left behind. After 3rd vag birth (all natural!) the placenta would not detach because it was attached where there was scar tissue from previous. I don't want to scare anyone but my midwife called in the doctor and he basically sc___ped me out from the inside and I came very close to having a hysterectomy after hemorrhaging, having another D&C, and losing 4 liters of blood. I had a blood transfusion and another D&C eight weeks later. The doc couldn't tell if there was still placental fragment left behind because there is scar tissue so it was hard to tell by feel if there was placenta or just scarring. I guess the doc said this will happen every time. He said once the placenta attaches on the septum, it will attach there every time which elevates risk of hysterectomy and death. I really want to have another child at some point but I am going to see what my options are...maybe c-section? All I know is I don't want to bleed to death and leave my hubby alone with the kids. It was a scary experience that I had never heard of prior to it. So I suppose it is good to know in advance if you have this condition to avoid unnecessary complications. Definitely want to have a doc who has delt with this before!


Ifisca - January 27

Hi, I too have a bicoruate uterus. i have a 4 year old son. He was born with 7 lb and 4oz. I am now pregnant but I have some problem. The last time I saw my periiod was in November. December was fine and now I am bledding with discharge of clots. I went to the emergency as it was on week-end and the doctor told me that there is a 75% chance that this one will be miscarried. My husband suggested that i took a pregnancy test and last night I did to see if I am still pregnant after bleeding for two days with clots and I still am. Can anyone help me with this? the only thing I am doing now is pray. i went to see my doctor and she told me to continue taking the prenatal vitamins and eat well. Lots of spinach for the iron that I am losing, and stop having s_x until the first trimester is done. I hope this will help anyone with the same conditon as mine. I think that by the end of this week I will took another pregnancy test and see if I am still pregnant. God bless you all


gmomm - January 19

looking for info on this topic


Hibbert-Laszlo - April 6

was it heard for anyone with the heart shape uterus to fall pregnant?


nyla_rehman - October 22

hi I have a heart shaped uterus just found out, im 12 wks pregnant im havin twins, just worried the doctor said that heart shape uterus can be high risk of miscarriage, the babies will be smaller as for the less space, im just worried and confused?


Megan20102012 - January 9

I'm 19 years old and last year I had a cyst ruppture. We found out then that I have a heart shaped uterus. Reading these posts help a lot because I really wanna have kids when I get older. And I have been so scared that it was going to be hard to have kids or keep a baby.



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