Heavy Drinking Early In Pregnancy

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lilli18 - January 18

This is my first post here... I just found out that I was pregnant 2 days ago. I'm 18 years old. I told my boyfriend earlier today, who is very freaked out but will support me. He is a great guy and I know that he will stand by me through whatever I go through. We've always used condoms , but we talked everything over and I decided to start NuvaRing. I inserted the NuvaRing and had it in for about 2 weeks when we had unprotected s_x for the first time in our relationship. One is suppoed to have been using NuvaRing for at least one month before having unprotected s_x, but I had just gotten back from a two week vacation and passion had gotten the best of me (not that i am making excuses, but that is what happened). We had unprotected s_x three times. I thought everything would be okay, but two days ago I found out that I'm pregnant. I took three pregnancy tests so I'm sure of it... BUT, the thing that I am most worried about is the fact that I've drank just about every day for the past couple of weeks. I just realized a little while ago that i do have an alcohol problem. Since the moment I first found out I was pregnant, the main thing I've thought about is the fact that I've been drinking SO much through the entire time that my baby would have been conceived... I have looked up drinking during early pregnancy on many different websites, but most of the women posting/asking questions about it have only drank a few times since the most likely time of conception. Me, on the other hand, have been drinking very heavily almost every. On most days, I have about 6 drinks... I am SO worried that this child will be born having medical difficulties due to my own problems.. Please tell me what I should do! I want this child so much. I have always been great with small children, I worked at a daycare center for over a year, and I know I have the patience to care for a child and that I will be a great mother... But I am SO incredibly worried about what I've done that may have hurt my future son/daughter.


olivia - January 18

hi lilli18. early pregnancy offers some protection to the embryo from drinking. there is no placenta yet, and basically the baby is in auto-pilot as it creates cells rapidly. chances are the baby is okay if you have stopped drinking since you found out. you should get on a prenatal vitamin and treat your body to lots of water or sports drink to rehydrate yourself. you need to stop drinking now. if it helps go to a support group and get some help you can rely on. make sure you let the ob know at your first appointment what has been happening. relax if you can (without a drink) and make sure you have removed your nuvaring and made an appointment. good luck and congratulations on the pregnancy.



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