Help Empty Sac On U S Anyone In Same Situation

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Tamara - March 8

Is there anyone out there who had a "normal pregnancy" who did not see their baby in the sac on u/s till really late? Like 7 weeks or later? I did not see my sac until 6 weeks and now its still empty as of the 6 1/2 week u/s. Its growing but the dr's say its not a good pregnancy. But my hcg's are rising like normal. I have absolutely no miscarriage symptoms at all. I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this. How many weeks were you when you finally saw your baby after seeing an empty sac? I need to hear the weeks in your results. Thank you!!!


Linda - March 9

Tamara, I did, but it was after the baby died. My U/S showed a small baby and low hb. Then a week later, only yolk sac. Sorry. I know it's probably not what you wanted to read. I have a D&C scheduled for tomorrow. Good luck to you.


Tamara - March 9

I just went for my u/s. 7 weeks/5 days preg. (I did IVF). Still nothing at all but empty sac. I am literally tired of this. Having DNC done today at 2pm. I just want it all out so I can start over again.


Angie - March 14

I am 10 weeks along and have an empty sac. I have had a little bleeding but no cramping. I am having a D&C on Friday.


nicola. - March 14

tamara, i didnt see the sac until 6 weeks then at 7 weeks i saw the sac and yolk i go back agin on the 22nd feb to see if the fetal pole is there try and stay positive xx


nicola.xx - March 15

sorry meant to say i go back on 22nd march not feb!!!!


Nevada - March 15

I am 6 weeks and 4 days and I just had an u/s done today...i am in the same situation. They saw a sac, but nothing in it. It's nerve racking...and scary. They took more blood to see if my HCG levels are increasing. I am trying to stay positive, but too much of what I am reading is making me think think that this is not good at all. I pray for us both...


Maria - March 16

Go to the site You will read lots of success stories about people whose babies did not show up for quite a while-some even as late as 11 weeks. Hope that helps


Bri - March 18

It's weird that my body still acts pregnant, and the sac is growing with nothing in it. It was very disheartnening yesterday - when my husband and I were expecting to see a heartbeat and nothing was there. I'm scheduled for a D&C today. God bless all women who are trying to have children to love. Be well.


Dawn - March 22

I had an "empty sac" pregnancy 10 years ago. My hcg levels were rising but there was no embryo in the sac. I had to have a D&C. I am sorry that this is not the news that you wanted to hear. I was pregnant again 6 weeks later.


Tamara - March 23

I'm sorry for not writing sooner. I havent visited this site after my dnc b/c I just wanted to move on and think about the next round at IVF. Thank you to all who responded. We are putting 4 eggs in next time, not two like we did this time...I want a better chance at success. I am just trying to get through this 3rd miscarriage. Thanks to all of you!


tracey - March 25

i have just had a scan at 7 weeks and the sac is empty. i wanted to abort everything but my doctor has advised me to wait. i am desperate to find out next week at my next revision. this is my third pregnancy and a lot different this time. any one else the same


tracey - March 28

its me again. i retuned to clinic today hoping to see a fetus and heartbeat, now in my 9th week. my sac had grown, b___st sore..all the pregnancy symptoms but the baby had not developed so immediately i was admitted for a dnc. after the op i was honestly feeling fine. the op was painless under a general anesthetic and my doctor has advised that after my next cycle i will be more prepared and fertile than ever....the worst part of it all was the waiting and not knowing what to expect and hoping to see that little heart beat on the scan. anyway cheer up girls..i know its tough but if i can get through this anyone can. god has a reason for everything and i am positive by begining of next year i will have my bundle of joy in my arms and so will you lot too. big hug to all.


Leigh - March 29

Hi there - I don't want to put a damper on things but I was pregnant last year and the same thing as you - nothing in the sack and my levels were rights and so was the size of the sack. At 7 and a half weeks still nothing then I started to miss carry. The morning that it happened it felt like I was about to start my period ..... hope things work out for you though. I'm holding thumbs


CMH - April 12

Tamara, I hope that my situation will be of help to you! I went in for my 6 week u/s and there was just a sac. ( A litle larger than my 5 week u/s sac.) My HCG levels have always been normal and rising properly, and no miscarraige symptoms. The doctor told me it could really go either way and to come back in a week. I went in for my 7 week u/s yesterday, and they saw the baby! It's heart was beating and everything. Turns out I was only 6 weeks instead of 7 weeks. One week can make a WORLD of difference at this early stage of the game. Unless you know exactly when you ovulated, have hope that your dates might just be off. It CAN and DOES happen. Good luck!


Dionne - April 19

I'm almost 7wks. along. I've been bleeding and pa__sing large clots for the last 1 1/2weeks and the last 4 days it's slowed down. Last week they saw a fetal sac about 6wks. gestation however no heartbeat. My hcg levels continue to rise and I continue to have symptoms of being pregnant. I have to go next week for another u/s to see if there's a heartbeat. I know how you feel the waiting is terrible and I feel like I' at wit's end but I'll pray for you and you pray for me and we'll make it through.


Kelly - April 19

Yes, I've had that happen to me just last thursday (April 14th, 2005). I was supposed to be 20 weeks and when my husband and I went for the first ultrasound there was no baby but everything else was in tact. All my tests were normal, my blood/pee tests and my pap but again no baby. I have to get a dnc and just today my doctor told me to go in. I'm very scared but I will keep you updated if you want.



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