Help Please Having Period But Look And Feel Pregnant

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amanda - October 1

ok here is my question i have all the signs of prgnancy but the test keep comeing up negiative then last night i squesed my br___t and milk came out that only happens when you are pregnany right someone please help me!!!!! tell me im not crazy help???


Laura - October 11

I have all the signs, too, but I keep getting negative results as well. I've even been suspecting pregnancy for 3 months now because this past month my abdomen has steadily increased! I don't know what's going on :( Maybe you should get an ultrasound? I need to get one, too.


lucy - October 12

How about going to a doctor????


jbrawn26 - October 15

there is a disorder where you can convince yourself you are pregnant gain wait have all the symptoms etc. and not really be pregnant. also some people (rare but it does happen) can have monthly bleeding while pregnant. go to the dr. get a blood test.


My answer - October 15

Is it possible that you want to be pregnant so badly that your brain is convincing your body that you are? I beleive this is called a false pregnancy and is a medical issue that needs a doctors care. Make an appointment today so you can start down the road to a healthy pregnancy (if that's what you want).


Rae - November 4

Yes going to the doctor is a good idea and wanting a baby so bad that you develope the symtoms is possible but I am having something strange going on here too. To make it short I had a miscarrige in1979 and had know symtoms at all.I had a very painful miscarriage though. Then in 1987 I had another one. This time I had all the symtoms. Feeling sick, my b___sts were so sore I couldn't wear a bra and it even hurt them to walk. I could feel my stomach getting harder and alittle bigger and then I lost this baby too. Now I am 45 and being pregnant is something I haven't thought about in a long long time. I had given up on having a baby. Well Sept. 16 I started working a new job. I hadn't worked in 2 years and I started on 12 hour days, 6 days a week. Well most people would lose weight, don't you think. I mean I haven't gained or lost more than 5 pounds either way in the 27 years I've been out of school and I've worked most of it. But right off the start I wasn't gaining any weight, but my pants started getting tight around my stomach. Not in my b___t or legs, just my stomach. Well in the 2 weeks that I worked, it went from just not being able to b___ton my biggest pair, but haveing to leave them half way unzipped. I'm sure this tightness had started before I started working, but that is when I noticed it. Since I thought my pants should of been getting looser. I didn't know what was going on. Thinking that I might be pregnant didn't even enter my mind until about the 2nd or 3rd week in Oct. that I thought I looked like I was pregnant. I don't have any other symtoms. I mean my stomach is sticking out in all the right ways and is feeling harder and now I can't zip my pants at all. My b___sts aren't tender or do I feel sick. I do have some pains in my stomach several times aday and have a brownish pinkish discharge when I go to the bathroom. I took a pregnany test 3 days ago and it was negitive. My stomach is still growing and I look 5 months pregnant. I haven't been to the doctor yet since I don't have insurance and already have a good size bill. I would be so greatful to god if I was pregnant but I don't think that I am. My mom had her period until the 8th month with me and an older brother, but not with my other 2 siblings. The only thing I can tell amanda is a discharge from your nipple can be the symtoms of a serious condition and you should see a doctor. It might of just looked like milk. Well if anyone has any input on my condition and if it is possible to be pregnant with a negitive test, I'd really like to here it please. Can a tumor or a cyst cause my stomach to look like this?



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