HELP Please Read And Help Me Out What Is Going On With Me

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Kristie Kins - December 13

Well I haven't had my period since Nov. 7th and then today Dec 13.. which would be 37 days since my last period. I have had the symptoms with craving a lot of water, dizziness, peeing a lot, my br___ts are sore (which even when I did have my period in the past I never got sore br___ts)... mild cramping (I never get cramps on my period), burping, nausea and mild headaches. I have never been without a period for this long and my cycle is usually 26 days. I don't know what I should do? Pregnant, Hormone imbalance or Cancer? Are what some say could be going on...I forgot to put that in there...I tested a couple of days ago and it was extremely faint on my pregnancy test. I started bleeding today and first it was brown then red bleeding but not bright red blood I am just worried about the bleeding after having all these symptoms and my period being 2 weeks late? What is the discharge from...Yes the big symptom that I did not put in there is tiredness and yawning....I could sleep all day if I wanted too! My appt is on Wed. 12/15 so I can get a blood test to see what is going on? What do you guys think is going on. I posted this information first on general pg. Thank you!!!


Dian Soltis - December 16

Don't worry Kristie, everithing is going to by fajn for you. I think, that you are pregnant, because of the symptoms you have. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and I had the same symptoms as you. Take care love Diana


Nikki - December 20

You are not alone! My last period was Oct. 25 and I have had negative HPTs and blood test. I'm Tired, have sore b___st, reoccuring UTIs, hair and nails growing like crazy! My doctor tried to give me a medicine that will start my period, but I won't take it. I'm getting a second opinion.


connie - December 21

probably stress that can cause you to be late ,like worrying if your'e pregnant ,and being tired probably because you finally started your period



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