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dyarcho - December 6

I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, i went to the doctor last monday and i saw the babys heartbeat. which was a good thing! The nurse mentioned a hemmorhage spot,, i didnt ask what it was, why it was there, will it go away etc etc, i have been spotting for the past few weeks. and i have gushed blood a couple times. it scares me to death! this is my first, and i had been trying for a year, and i finally got pregnant. now i have to go through this now. i thought i would not have to wear pads again for 9 months!! plus i have to use progesterone suppositoried because my levels were low. this is so frustrating! i cant even begun to feel excited as i wish i could. i am afraid i may miscarry. i go back to the doc for another u/s dec 11. hopefully everything will turn out for the best! let me know if anyone has had this problem. thanks! ?


ash2 - December 8

I just had this......i was 12 weeks and was spotting for a couple of days before i had a big gush of bright red blood too. I am now almost 17 weeks and still spotting a little. As long as the baby is fine, i wouldnt worry. The blood " should " absorb itself back into the body. The only thing i would worry about is the constant " gush " of blood......if you continue bleeding like that, it could turn into an " abruption " which could be dangerous. I would ask the doc about being on bedrest and taking it easy. GL


dyarcho - December 8

I have been on bed rest since 11/26. i only had the gush twice in one day. hopefully thats all it will ever do. i go tues to see if its getting any smaller or bigger. hopefully it went away! thanks!


dyarcho - December 9

i spoke too soon!! at 8:30pm tonite it happened again...this really stinks!!!! :(


ash2 - December 9

Im sorry to hear about the blood again.....did you call your ob and ask them what they think ? Whatever you do, dont google.....they have lots of mis-leading info that can scare you .......I have been spotting again for the past couple of days too. It really sucks. Your just wondering if everything will be ok in there. Is there any way you could buy a doppler and listen to it everyday ? ...Just to know you have heard the heartbeat everyday would sooth my comfort...DH and i are looking into getting one too. Just keep your head up. I have known people to bleed throughout their whole pregnancy and delivery a healthy baby !


dyarcho - December 9

dont you have to be further along than 10 weeks to hear the babys heartbeat on a doppler?


dyarcho - December 9

This am i went to the bathroom and when i went to wipe i saw a long skinny clot hanging!! it was not pretty. i was thinking what the heck?? when i wasnt pregnant i dont remember having this?? has anyone experienced this with your sch?



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