Hemophillia Daddy

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Vicky - September 22

i doubt there'l be someone who can help but its worth a shot! im 15weeks pregnant and baby daddy is a hemophiliac. what are the precentage that if its a girl it will be a carryer and if its a boy will it have hemophillia?? i also wanna no if they will have to do test to find out the s_x of the baby? id be so grateful if anyone know's! xxx


rachelle - October 5

i'm not sure about the precentage of the trait being past to yourchild but i do know that only the mother can pa__s it to her male child/


DD - October 19

vicky, i think that you should research this on your own or contact a doctor who is knowledgeable in this field and not necessarily listen to people who are telling you that they would not have kids because of hemophelia. I have a very close friend who has a son with hemophelia - at first she was b__wn away by everything that she was learning about her brand new baby - but now, she is one of the best parents i know, who has a very active and healthy son (now 6) and thriving... she's had her bumps in the road, and there will be alot of things that you will need to worry about along the way - but i can tell you this - she will never in a million years say that she regrets any part of it... her sister is now pregnant w/ her 2nd - she has a baby girl and a BOY on the way (she did find out at 20wks. the gender and will do an amnio @ 35wks? to see if the baby is + for hemophelia)... i know that the girl is the carrier - but i don't believe that it is 100% guaranteed! do your research, don't get discouraged and know that if it is a boy and it does carry the gene - in this day and age, its not the end of the world!!!


? - October 19

matt - i think that you have some real issues to deal with... there are people who are in situations that are far worse than yours and have made things happen... get off the pitty pot, fight for what you believe you deserve and things will happen! they esp. won't happen if you sit around blaming your parents and hemophelia for not having a job or $$ for school etc... i do not think that posting on a pregnancy website is the place for you to be venting about your "personal problems" when there are people on here who are trying to ask serious questions... i too have a bleeding disorder which only occurs in women - do i blame my parents for my misfortunes, NO, i get off my @ss and work as hard as i can for whatever it is in life i want!!! grow up and take responsibility for your own life!!! good luck!!!



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