Hgc Not Doubling Anyone Had Any Luck

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Amy - June 21

My levels are not doubling the are increasiing however. Has anyone had any luck without doubling?


Jessica - June 22

When I went to get initial bloodwork at 5 weeks my levels weren't doubling correctly. They were increasing but not doubling. My doctor told me that I only had about a 10% chance of viable pregnancy and that we would look for a heartbeat at 6 weeks but he didn't expect to see one. Well, we saw a small flutter at 6 week u/s and a strong heartbeat at 7 weeks. I think my doctor was quite surprised. I am now 11 weeks and had levels checked 2 weeks ago again and they were perfect. The doctor said sometimes the levels are just a little sluggish. I hope this gives you some hope. I thought for sure pregnancy was over for me and that was devastating cause it took me 3 years to conceive but so far so good. Good luck to you!


Amy - June 23

Thanks for the advice. I have to wait until next week for an ultrasound. The waiting is horrible. I hope this works because my husband says we are not trying after this. He cannot stand to see me suffer. It's horrible. Feels like my life is on hold..I hope I have as good as luck as you have...I wish you the best.


Jessica - June 24

Please let me know how it goes. I will be hoping for the best. I know what you mean about your life being on hold especially when you are told there is a problem. Try to keep your head up. There is still hope!


jenn - June 26

well i found out i was pregnant at 4.5 weeks and they did blood work and noticed that my levels were really low. they kept having me come in every week for blood work and the levels were going up some weeks a dropping other weeks. my dr said that my body was going to abort the pregnancy but i had her refer me to a specialist. im now 34 weeks pregnant. so sometimes they read them wrong or your body producess the levels at different rates. good luck


Amy - June 27

I appreciate the advice! They tested my levels again Friday, and they went up but not double. I have my ultrasound this Thursday.


Kami - July 6

I found out I was pregnant on June 22. I figure i am 4 weeks at that point. My Dr. says I have either had a blighted Ovum or an ectopic because my levels are so low. You all have given me hope.



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