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Aylin - April 21

I'm 9 weeks pregant and I went to my first doc appointment today. When she checked my blood pressure she said she was concerned and left the room to talk to another doctor. I got really scared at this point, because high blood pressure runs in my family, and my father died because of it. When the docotor came back in the room she took my blood pressure again and it was lower then before but still to high. She called another doctor and said she had a unique case and asked if he could see me. I'm overweight but haven't had a problem with my blood pressure until this point. The doctor told me not to worry about anything but to cut salt out of my diet. When I got home I googled it and read a lot of scary stories about women dying during their pregnancy or their babies being born with a lot of health problems. I'm only 21 years old and I suffer from servere anxiety attacks, which I didn't tell my docotor about. Could it be that my blood preassure was just high because I was so nervous and got no sleep the night before. Also my husband has been gone for a month so I've been really stressed out. My docotor also said that she thinks my blood preassure was high prior to my pregnancy because I'm at such an early stage. The last time I had my blood preassure taken was about 5-6 months ago and it was normal then. I'm very concered and scared. Is anyone going through the same thing?


mandilee - April 21

Hi Aylin- High blood pressure so early in pregnancy can be something to be worried about. What was your blood pressure? High BP as I'm sure you know can lead to a condition called preeclampsia which usually only happens after 20 weeks. Is your dr going to monitor you closely? They will watch for protein in your urine and excessive edema which is an indicator of preeclampsia. When I was pregnant with my first daughter I too suffered from anxiety attacks starting around 7 months. I just felt so cramped in my body that I would panic which also makes your blood pressure go up a lot. Your really going to have to be careful. Please make sure that you feel like your dr knows what they are talking about. I just went to my dr (probably having m/c- find out today) with bleeding and I was so nervous that my BP was 158/98 which is just extremely high. So it can be from being nervous and stressed like you said. Talk to your dr about your concerns. While your blood pressure may not be too much of a concern now it will be as you get bigger and it puts more demand on your heart. I hope I helped a little. Take it easy and try to do things for yourself that relax you. Think about that sweet baby that you will hold someday;) Best of luck to you.


teigan - April 24

hi aylin, i had high blood pressure the other day for no reason, i too suffer with panic attacks, can never breathe properly and fear death every day, the best thing to do for certain is NOT READ THE INTERNET AND SILLY STORIES!! i became obsessed with other people and convinced myself i was dying or was going to die because of what i had read, it is not the top number to be concerned about aniways yes they can be high but its the bottom number. mine the other day was 147 over 103, the 103 is the worrying one, it should not be over 90, but its amazing what can trigger high blood pressure off, i think mine was because i was at mi dads, who is very ill, has high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, copd, and he looks like c___p!! so i felt ok been with him but i think sub conciously i was worrying about him, try not to worry and relax as much as you can, see if you are allowed some calms whilst you are pregnant, there like a herbal tablet that ease your mind, im over due my baby now and im worrying obviously but i have had 4 misscarridges before and i was an absolute worry wart all through my pregnancy its now gone so quick i cant remember half of it! and iregret that!! good luck, hope all goes well xxx every need to chat [email protected]


3babies - April 26

Hi Aylin. I know all those stories are very scary reading, but honestly, most of those girls are in a very different boat to you. Their blood pressure is usually normal pre-preg and they have a sudden oonset rise related to the pregnancy. It could be a one off that your bp is high, but with your family history it is very likely that you are developing high bp. Take heart that lots of girls like you continue through their pregnancy healthily with regular monitoring and sometimes medication. I myself have had bp medication in all three pregnancies and have healthy babies. Look at it as a blessing that your doctor is aware of it in this early stage and can monitor it. Do what you can to control stress in your life, and if you are able a home bp machine is great because then you can check it yourself when you are feeling relaxed at home, to get a 'true' idea of your bp. Your doctor is right though, that you may have had high bp before, as in early pregnancy your bp lowers slightly, so the high bp wouldnt be related to the preg at this stage. Good luck!



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