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sbyrd - January 21

I am 35 weeks pregnant. At my last couple appointments my blood pressure has been a little high. The doctor said he may need to induce labor a couple weeks early. What would be the reason for doing that?


BriannasMummy - January 22

I also had high blood pressure while i was pregnant. The reason that they might want to induce a bit earlier.. is because when you have high blood pressure it causes a lot of stress to your heart, and it also decreases the amount of oxygen in your blood. With a lack of oxygen it results in the baby not getting as much oxygen as normal..this may cause a low birth weight baby. Also if your blood pressure gets too high it can pose threat to you.. it may even cause seizures or stroke. Sometimes when your blood pressure creeps up during pregnancy the only way to get it back to a normal level is delivering the baby. Hope everything turns out well for you! ~Kristin~


sbyrd - January 23

Thankyou SO much! High blood pressure seems to be very common in pregnant women.


poweroflove - January 28

Hey sbyrd- Please listen to your doctor when they talk about high blood pressure and pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH). I am almost 37 weeks, but spent my 35th week in the hospital being monitored for PIH and preeclamsia. PIH can lead to preeclampsia, which will lead to the breakdown of the placenta. So catching PIH early and taking some healthy precautions will help keep your baby in the womb for as long as it is healthy for you and baby. I am home now, on total bedrest, but almost went back into the hospital Friday because my BP was back up to 160/100. I have never had a problem with my BP until a few weeks ago. So- bedrest, drink water, lay on your left side as much as you can tolerate, have others wait on you- your only job is to grow a healthy baby and yes I am sure that I am going to be induced as well, probably next week, but until then I am giving my little boy the best chances to grow and thrive. All my best thoughts are with you, Karla


sbyrd - January 28

WOW I guess its a little more serious than I had thought. My next appt is on Tuesday, so hopefully it will be down then! Thankyou sooo much! Good Luck!


mosley12 - February 5

hey sbyrd, i too had hbp. it didnt start until i was 32 weeks and i was on strict bedrest, only allowed to get up to use the bathroom, or go to the dr. or hospital, which i did atleast 3 times during the week and every saturday. they have to keep such a close check on you because you can get very sick very quickly. my ds was born at 37 weeks, a very healthy weight of 7.9 and 9/10 apgars. the day i delivered my bp was 211/109 adn i was at risk for siezures or strokes, and possibly a coma, so PLEASE do as your told and do whatever the drs. say! for your sake and the baby


yumymumy - February 6

i have HBP at 14weeks preg... at 21weeks developed preeclampsia it was monotored and was planed to have c section because stress of labour and blood pressure goes up anyways would have been dangerous for me.. my waters broke naturaly at 37wks and had to be induced i had normal birth that was taken extreamly easy, as my bp was rising. i gave birth but my placenta was bad and it had to be manualy removed, from having hbp...im sure ya doctor will look out for anything, usaly preeclampsia developes in later stages of pregnancy, but just hope ya dont end up like me and be a low percentage of woman who get it at real early stages it will be hell! lol i was looked after well, there was only one real scare when they were thinking of inducing me at 21weeks because it got bad... but it didnt end up happening i was put to bedrest



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