High Blood Pressure Mediicine During Pregnancy

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ssnipes - May 6

Hi- I really need some advice-opinions. I am married and currently 7 weeks into my first pregnancy. I had type 2 diabetes and was boarderline hypertensive prior to getting pregnant. I am currently seeing a high-risk Ob-Gyn who hasnt exactl painted a positive picture for me and my baby. She took me off of the Methyldopa (500 mg 2x/daily) that my GP started me on as soon as I foind out at 5 weeks and put me on Labetalol (100 mg 2x/daily) this past friday. Now I have been searching the internet and found out that it is generally not recommended to put pregnant women on Labetalol unless you absolutely have to. Especially when I had room to go up with the Methyldopa. Has anyone else heard this, or taken the Labetalol during their first trimester and carried a healthy baby to term. I am totally stressed about this which isnt making my BBP readings any better. Should I get a second opnion or push back to my high-risk doctor?


lovemy3 - May 8

hi there I don't have high blood mpressure when I'm not pregnant only when I am pregnant. Each time (3 times over the past 10 years) I have been put on Methyldopa. I have started it about 32 weeks and needed to 40 weeks. I do see a high risk dr because of my preeclampsia and that is what he prescribed.


BriannasMummy - May 8

I do in fact have high blood pressure, and just as soon as my doctor found out that I was pregnant he switched me to the Methyldopa ( 250 mg 2x/daily) he along with the pharmacist told me that Methyldopa is usually the ONLY medication they put you on when you are pregnant. I dont know why they would change you if you still could have went up in the Methyldopa. I also believe i have "white coat" syndrome. Meaning only at the doctor do i have Hbp. I have an at home machine, and it says I dont have hbp at all. You should check into that, my doctor says it is a real syndrome.


ssnipes - May 8

Thanks BriannasMummy, But, as I advised in my earlier post, I had been diagnosed with Hypertension before (and was medicated for it). I have a home monitor and the numbers are getting better but they were in the high range for a while when on the Methlydopa.


BriannasMummy - May 8

I understood that you were diagnosed prior. I was also. And I was previously medicated.. even though this problem exists in my doctors office it doesnt exist when i am at home taking it. I was hoping this could be the same for you, but alas, I wasnt. Im crossing my fingers for you and hoping that things are well. Perhaps in your case Labetatol is best for your situation. Did you ask why they decided to put you on Labetatol.. or they just did it and youre trying to be a good patient? If youre really worried, tell them about the information you've found and discuss things that might make you feel more comfortable. Good Luck!!


ssnipes - May 8

Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it.


3babies - May 11

Hi Ssnipes, I too have used methyldopa in all three of my pregnancies. In Australia it is pretty much exclusively what they use unless your bp isnt able to be controlled on it. If you check out the pre-eclampsia foundation website there are heaps of women who use labetalol while pregnant, with good results. I'm pretty sure it is one of those drugs that is thought to be safe, but cant be put in that category because of no reliable studies in pregnancy. Aldomet is the only one that has had a seven year follow up on the children of mothers who used it ... with no known side effects. You were on a fair dose methyldopa already, I'm pretty sure they cant exceed 2000mg per day during pregnancy so you werent left with much room to move from this early on (given unfortuanately that because of chronic hypertension you have a high risk of PIH or pre-eclampsia). Good luck though, I'm working on my third healthy bub (28 weeks) all with high bp.



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