High HCG But Not Doubling

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Lisa C - September 1

Hi i need some advice. My HCG count is very high, i think anyway, but it is not doubling. HCG at 24DPO 5600 5 wks from LMP HCG at 26 DPO 7600 5 wks from LMP HCG at 28 DPO 10700 5+4 from LMP it is only going up about 40 % and the docs tell me this indicates a non viable pg. one of my questions is, how on earth did my HCG get so High without doubling! I had a scan at 5+4 and they could see the yolk sac, which is what they would expect to see, but with high HCG levels they would have expected to see more. They are scaning me again on Monday and they will hope to see a fetal pole. has anyone got any ideas as to what is up with my HCG levels? why they are so high and how they are not doubling. is there anyway this pg could be viable? Thanks for your help.


Lisa C - August 19

I should also point out i had an ectopic pg in May. this doesnt look ectopic as you can se the yolk sac and the levels ae are, (usually low with ectopic)


Jill - August 26

It could be possibel to have a viable preg with your hcg levels. Mine actually went down and went back up. I am almost 8wks and saw the heart beat today. There is a chance- Good luck


Kristen - August 30

I am in the exact same place. I am 6 wks and my numbers didn't double, so they are re-checking them. I am at 18,000. My last pregnancy was ectopic. I understand that doubling is "normal" but some women only double every 3 days... I would wait to see the results of the ultra sound. At least this pregnancy isn't endangering your life. I know it isn't much in the way of consolation, but it helps me thru the night. My ectopic was not fun to go thru. Best of luck. I will post here on Tuesday and update my question on the board. Hopefully we will both receive good news


Kristen - September 1

Update: I went in today and my levels went up by 6000, from 18000 to 24000 :) This isn't doubling, but they said at 6 weeks different women build hgc levels differently and Not to worry. I am scheduled for an ultrasound to find the baby's heartbeat next Friday but thus far, they see no cause for alarm as I have no v____al bleeding. If you are in the same situation, I wouldn't worry too much :)



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