High HCG Levels At 5 Weeks And No Heartbeat On U S

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Brooke - July 13

PLEASE HELP if you know anything about this!!!...Last week I went in for my first ultrasound. I have long cycles so although my last period was May 22, I was thinking that I was only about 5 and a half weeks along, not 6 and a half weeks. Well, the ultrasound sac in my uterus measured 5 w 3 days, which is perfect accoridng to my calculations of when I ovulated. Yet, we only saw the gestational sac and what the Doc thinks may have been a yolk sac. My HCG levels have been doubling like crazy in less than 48 hours. On that day at 5w3days, my hcg was 12865. So that is my problem, if my HCg is that high, shouldn't we have seen more that just the sac on ultrasound? I have heard that you are supposed to see the fetus after 7000hcg???...or is it alwasy just too early to see it at 5w 3day? I had a horrible miscarriage in March, so I am scared to dealth of this pregnancy going wrong. Thank you so much for any input you may have!


peggy - July 13

HI....I am was seven weeks and four days pregnant yesterday and had my first ultrasound. With the abdominal ulrasound he was only able to see the gestational sac, and had to do a v____al ultrasound to see the fetus. Did they do a v____al ultrasound on you?


Brooke - July 13

Yes, they did a v____al Ultrasound. I am going in tomorrow for another one. I will be 6 weeks 2 days. I am praying that they see the fetus. Do you knoe what your HCG levels are? That is wonderful that you were able to see your baby! :)


Amy - July 13

Brooke i went in at 6wks 5d and all we could see was the sac but you could see heart motion but could not define the baby or at leat i could not and the rnp told me to come back in 2 wks witch is up tomorrow i will know if baby is growing i wish both of us the best of luck tomorrow i'm not sure about my levels the last time i got them checked was 24 of june and i would have been 5wks 6d and it was 3,117 i to m/c in may and i'm areck about is pg GOOD LUCK TOMORROW let me know how all goes


Nina - July 13

Hello Brooke, well I will tell you what I know. My ultrasound which was at 6weeks to the day came up with no yolk sac. And some nurse told me that I m/c. I was so upset. Then I went on-line check around and found out about checking my HCG levels so that night ( my dr not around until the next day) I ask my dr office to check my HCG levels .... They were high 14,000. so they have been checking my levels for one week and it has gone up. Tommorrow at 7weeks to the day I will try an u/s. But I am so nervious, I have read some of these women's stories saying no sight of anything until 9 to 12 weeks. They also told me that if you have a tilted uterus its hard for u/s tech to see correctly your baby. Yes, I am going to say baby to us both. I hope to see my baby tomorrow, And I pray you see yours too. Prayers to all. Thank you for this web site.


shelley - July 13

well i had a ultra sound at 6 weeks and all they saw was my gestational sac and the youlk sac so i would not worry and now i am 18 weeks so i hope that helps


miranda - July 13

I'm really surprised they would do an ultrasound that early. The way I understand it, you can't usually see the heartbeat until 7 wks. I wouldn't get too worried if your hcg is rising.


K - July 14

Hi Brooke, I've read loads on this site about people not seeing anything on the scan until after 6wks at least. I was about 6 wks 1 day when I saw a mini bean and a heartbeat. I wouldn't worry to much, apparently a couple of days can make a world of difference. If your really concerned see if you can get another US for about 6 and a half wks, you mite see a difference then. Good luck. x


Nina - July 14

Thank you both Shelley and Miranda I am smiling more now but we will see today is the u/s. Just a note my levels went up again to 24000. Pray everything ok! Will update tomorrow. Thanks again And yes Shelley your note helps.


Brooke - July 14

Thank you to everyone that replied. The thing I am worried about isn't not seeing the fetal pole at 5w 3 days, but more that my hcg was at 12685 and they didn't see it. I have heard that you should see a heartbeat after 8000 hcg. I am scared to dealth right now for my ultrasound later on today. Please pray for me and my little bean!


miranda - July 14

I've never heard of any correlation between hcg levels and what you can see on the ultrasound. Doesn't mean it's not true, but give it some time before you get too upset.


miranda - July 14

One more thing Brooke, of course I will pray for you today!


Nina - July 15

Hello again Just an update. Finally after every 48 hours having blood test with rising blood levels (almost doubling but not always) I said yes to the u/s again at am at 6 weeks 3 days per u/s tech. Yes, they found my baby and found the heart beat. Reminder to everyone I was told 1 week ago when I was at 5weeks 2days that I m/c. Thank you for this and other websites. You all gave me hope and with this news I give you hope and prayers to you all. Also to Brook I had the evening of my u/s ( when they told me they couldn't see a anything) I was at 14000. So if they couldn't see anything then and can see baby now, just give it some time.


Dawn - August 3

i had a scan today at 6 weeks and they told me they couldnt see a sac they said its probably an ectoic preganancy and took blood tests now waiting on the hospital ringing as they said if it was id need surgery tonight ....im so sad and confused why me !!!


Gina - August 6

Hello everyone...Dawn, I had an ectopic pregnancy in May and had to have surgery. Are you in any pain? Have you had a v____al u/s? Are you bleeding? What are your hcg levels? I'm sorry for all the questions but don't just have the surgery if they haven't told you anything. Keep us updated! I am 6 weeks with my second pregnancy and my hcg is at 15,000 and there is a sac but no fetal pole and no heartbeat. I go in for my fourth v____al u/s Monday morning...Hopefully they will see a heartbeat this time. Thoughts and prayers to everyone.


Dawn - August 7

hi ..ty for ur rely Gina ..iv just got out of hospital today they say im definately not ectopic but possibly miscarrying ..which i feel in myself is happening as im losing more blood ..they said they'd test me again in 2 weeks to check hcg level ..im totaly wrecked at the minute cant stop crying and dont want to talk to anyone hopefully this will pa__s ...i wish u all the luck for tomorrow ... t/c everyone xxx


Gina - August 7

Dawn, I am so sorry. That is okay that you don't want to talk. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. Take care of yourself and rest. -Gina



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