High Levels Of HCG At 19 Weeks

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jaimie-lee - December 29

when i got the results letter for my downs tests and so on it was negtive for spinabifids, 1 in 3000 chance of downs syndrome but said my hcg levels were elevated which could indicate the risk of having small baby or could be normal for my body. I have my twenty week scan in 1 week then another one at 24wks and another at 28wks. Of course i'm extremely worried and am now freaking out at everything like not being able to feel the baby move yet at 19 wks. Everything i look up about raised hcg levels seems to be really bad. just wondering if anyone else has had this??? worried first time mum to be


Mar1 - January 4

Congratulations first time mom! Try not to worry about this too much right now. I was just told last week that my downs screening results are 1 in 10 chance of downs syndrome, due to my age, high hcg and inh, and low ue3. Now 1 in 10 is the highest risk I have seen which really scares me, but when it comes down to it I know I do not want to do amnio at this point since it's not going to change anything and these screening tests are not 100% accurate. I have heard this from a lot of people who had this test. They will check me again at 28 weeks to see if things improve. Until then I decided I am just going to enjoy this pregnancy. Ask your OB how likely it is for your hcg levels to return to a normal level at a later stage. I also was worried because I was not feeling much movement at all when I was at 19 weeks. I bet everything will be fine with your baby. Don't stress because that won't help. I kept looking online and at books I bought to see if it was normal to not feel movement at 18 to 19 weeks pregnant. One book said if you don't feel movement yet you soon will and true enough finally one day while I was sitting down I felt a light kick start in every now and then. That was the best feeling in the world to me. Now that I am just over 21 weeks I am feeling movement and kicks way more than I was last week. Once you start feeling movement you will feel more at ease. I hope that helps. - Mary



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