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krissy79 - July 15

I guess i'm just looking for some reassurance again....all of you are so very comforting.....Why is it that I'm so concerned regarding my HPV but my dr doesn't seem that concerned? Did the dr's treat you any different or the baby when you were in the hospital?


Honey Bee - July 17

Hey honey, how are you how is the pregnancy going besides you are freaking because of the hpv? Let me tell you something my mother told me a long time ago. You have to ask yourself if worrying will change anything and of course the answer is no all it does is make you into knots and go crazy. Of course you are going to worry its natural all mothers do it just dont let it push you into the deep end. Hpv in infants is sooooooooo rare that is why docs are not concerned. My doc wasnt concerned at all that I had hpv in my past. You are so concerned because you already love your baby so much that you dont want to cause it harm in anyway.


krissy79 - July 17

When you deliver in the hospital...do they talk about it lots or segregate your baby in any way...just because not ALL our family knows about it ...


Honey Bee - July 17

Yes, I wasnt showing signs at the delivery but my doc and the staff said nothing of it. They treat it just like any other pregnancy and for talking of hpv when people are there that goes against there oath, invasion of privacy. Just double make sure and make it crystal clear that you want this confidental


lovemy3 - July 17

Hi there, I also have HPV virus and haven'tr had any warts or abnormal paps ijn 17 years. My first baby was born 5 years post warts and I told them over and over about it and nobody seemed concerned and did nothing about it. I know have 3 kids and each pregnancy I have mentioned my past and nobody has said anything. Its been 17 years and i haven't had any warts and my paps come back "normal". Do you have actual warts right now or whats going on?


krissy79 - July 18

Thats relieving to hear....I just read on one of the links that i clicked on that its possible for your baby to get this virus even before birth? now i'm really freaked out.....just when i was starting to get relaxed


krissy79 - July 19

Is that true that some how your baby can contract hpv while in your womb?


Honey Bee - July 19

your cervix would have to be covered in warts. It is disputed if the baby gets it in the womb or not that is why you shouldnt get a c-section. Krissy do you know what you are having???


krissy79 - July 21

I have no clue what I am having...however, i don't think I can take this anymore....I didn't realize that my baby will get this....


Honey Bee - July 21

Just because you have this does not mean your baby will get this. Trust in your doc, when you have the baby you will look back and realize that all this worring was for nothing. There are so many things you should be thinking of. Women have been going through this for a long time now. THe more you research it the more it will drive you nuts there is nothing you can do about it so just sit back and enjoy the pregnancy


krissy79 - July 22

I totally know that theres nothing i can do about it. Thank you Honeybee as talking to you is really helping me hash things out. I just can't help thinking that i'm even harming my baby while its in my womb when I'm doing everything as much as possible to try and keep it healthy. Its scary to know that even those who had c-sections that their babies had effects from it. I know also that babies sometimes won't show signs until up to even 2 yrs after. Like i said before, its stressing me out a whole lot. Was your other half very supportive with this?


Honey Bee - July 22

We didnt even talk about it, my doc said not to worry so Im not. Why make him go crazy if there is not reason to. Many babies are exposed to this virus but only a small percentage it becomes a problem, genetics play a huge role so its not your fault. Why is your husband or boyfriend freaking


krissy79 - July 22

Hes not really freaking! Hes been really supportive. Are you pregnant right now honeybee? when are you due? Your pregnant post warts or had them when you gave birth?


krissy79 - July 25

I have a dr appt today...should i be asking him anything specific?


Honey Bee - July 25

Just if you have alot in the cannal and if he could do any cryo on them also if to a__ses the cannal for the birth to make sure everything is o.k. to go



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