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Parm - November 11

At 7 week and 4 days my hormone level was at 11,000 range. At 7 weeks and 6 days at 17,000 range. At 8 weeks at 20,000 range. I'm 8 weeks and 4 days it dropped to 17,000 range. I"m really concerned about these numbers. I'm having no problems in this pregnancy what so ever except very very light spotting. Doctor said not to worry about the spotting. What about these hormone numbers???? i'm really concerned. Are they suppose to drop after you reach at certain peak??? someone please help.


Randi - November 21

Don't really know the answer, but I am experiencing about the same numbers as you at about 8 weeks (possibly less). I have heard and read that hcg levels are supposed to double during early pregnancy and then don't raise quiet as much as time goes on but I have not hear of them peaking then dropping. I really hope all is well with you and your baby. I would call my doctor, they should be able to answer your questions and that will avoid you stressing.....hang in there!


kstewart - November 23

I am also having questions about this. My levels were 13,000 something at 6 weeks and then were 11,000 something at 7 weeks. I am also having light spotting and some cramping sensations on my left side. I've had two successful pregnancies w/o any cramping or spotting and one miscarriage a year ago w/o any just woke up with heavy cramping and bleeding at 6 weeks and that was the end. We havn't been able to detect definitive fetal heart tones yet but will be going in in 5 days for another US. This hcg thing is really bugging me. My ob did say that the levels do not just keep going up and up and they do level off but didn't say when this normally happens and I was so mentally out there that I forgot to ask all my questions. Part of me thinks she may have just been being cautious and not wanting to worry me until we knew for sure what was going on.



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