How Common Is Miscarriage At 21 Weeks

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T - November 17

Is it common to miscarry this late in the pregnancy? I went to my last appointment 2 weeks ago and it was a strong heartbeat 160, but I havent felt movement yet so Im just parinod, Ive had no bleeding or cramping but I feel I should be able to fell it now. My next appointment isnt for 2 more weeks. Is it possible. I hate thinking this way, I just want everything to be fine.


[email protected] - November 17

you are probably just paranoid. i also am 21 weeks pregnant, and have felt the same way. my doctor tells me that most women dont even feel their baby until 24 weeks, so the fact that you are feeling him or her now just means everything is healthy. you would be cramping and bleeding to miscarry at 21 weeks. good luck!


kim - November 18

After the 20th week there is only a 98% chance of miscarriage, they actually call this an early delivery, a baby is viable after the 25th week. Is this your first? If so it sometimes takes a first time mom longer to feel baby move, because you are waiting for a kick, but what you may feel is fluttering, not kicking until baby is bigger. Don't worry though I was around 23 weeks before I realized what I was feeling with my first.


s - March 24

I was 20 wks preg when i miscarried. it was my first preg. i used to have cramps sometimes and my Dr. had taken quite few precautions from the very starting .but on one day suddenly turned into early labor. and since this was my first preg , we were not able to understand that actulllay my contractions has started. my Dr. tried a lot to stop my labor but couldn't and thus my babies were born(twin boys) at 20 wks but it was to early for them to survive. So i wil suggest u take care and consult ur doctor bcoz i got my last checkup just 4 days prior to when all this happened. everything was fine u never know. i donot want anyone else should face any similar problem so please take an extra care of urself


Jessica - March 26

It is no longer called a miscarriage at 21 weeks! Also, the likelihood of losing the baby is significantly decreased after 8-10 weeks and there is a heartbeat.


Tammy - March 27

It is called stillbirth after 20 weeks. I didn't feel my baby for a long time and got very worried too. i pushed and prodded the baby but no response.cI had rented a fetal doppler and listened for a heartbeat. It was still there! I was so relieved! Call your doctor just to make sure everything is okay


littlemama1022 - April 21

I am 22 weeks pregnant and started feeling her move around 20 weeks. If you were going to miscarry you would be in pain and bleeding a lot. This is also my second pregnancy, and I felt my first child a lot earlier. I think you may just be paranoid. It will happen.


littleangel - April 22

hi, i went for my scan at 21wks on the 9/1/6 just to find out my baby had died at 17wks and i went to the m/wife at 16wks and heard the heart beat, i had no cramping or bleeding or sign of m/c, the docs had to induce me to start of labour and they deliverd my baby girl kayleigh -anne on the 11/1/06. she was so small and look like she was sleeping. they called it a missed miscarraige. i have to go to the hospital on the 15/5/06 for my results to why this happened and my due date would have been 19/5/6. it was the hardest this i have ever had to go through in my life, just knowing that you are unable to take home you baby after going through nearly 10hrs of labour. i really do wish every one the very best in there next preganices. it will happen to me one day i just know i have had 3 cycles now just waiting to see if this is my mth.. if you do have a feeling of some things not right then you should contact you doc straight way to sort out. i wish every one whom is ttc or already pg the best of luck ((((hugs)))) and baby dust :) jo



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