How Do You Know If It S A Contraction

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tmom - February 3

Can someone please help me! I'm 23 weeks 4 days today and I've been experiencing what I think might be contractions but I'm not too sure. It could just be the baby's body I'm feeling. I say this b/c sometimes only half of my uterus is hard, but other times its the whole thing. But it always seems to happen when I can feel the baby rolling around. How do I know? My doctor told me to go straight to the hospital if I experienced more the 4 of these in one hour. I don't know how to tell. I'm so confused.


Shell Bell - February 3

This is my third pregnancy and I have been getting braxton hicks/contractions with all three of my pregnancies. This one was as early as 16 weeks. The dr. tried to tell me this was impossiable, but believe me when you are on baby number three you know. It feels like hardening around the upper part of your abdomin spreading downward they kinda take your breath away, but they are pretty painless. I have been getting up to ten an hour and haven't progressed into labor. Drink lots of water when you feel these and they should go away.


tmom - February 5

How do you know if you should go to the hospital? My doctor said if I have more than 4 in a hour I should go right away. You get 10. Wow! Do these normally progress into labour, or are they completely different?


Shell Bell - February 6

I went into labor at 27 weeks with my first one. My back hurt really bad and I was really sick to my stomach. The contractions were somewhat painful (not as bad as they were later on), but painful. If your contractions don't hurt (and I mean hurt) its probably braxton hicks. If your really worried that something might be wrong, give your doctor a call better safe than sorry.


Laurabelle - February 8

If you are having contractions you will know that they are not real contractions / true labor if they go away when you drink lots of fluids and move positions. But if they continue, especially if they get stronger, then its time to get them checked out.



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