How Likely Is Miscarriage After Finding A Heartbeat

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katelyn - November 6

i was just wondering how likely it is to miscarry after finding the heartbeat?? we found it at 7w5d at 160bpm and then last week at 10w4d at 174 bpm. but it still makes me nervous between appointments that something could go wrong. and yesterday i had a very stressful day, i was fighting with my husband all day and crying all day. which makes me worry about miscarrying this baby. do i need to worry or is it usually okay after finding the heartbeat??


Stef - November 6

Hi....I was wondering teh very same thing. I just had my first us last week at 7w 1d and it was 164. The doctor said it was strong. I was still nervous because I have had 2 m/c. However the first one there was never a hb and the second there was a very low hb (80) and the baby didn't make it. I read online that once a strong heartbeat is seen there is only a 1% chance of a m/c. Good luck to us both! I am sure our babies are growing nicely!! God bless!


- November 7

u can m/c at anytime up to 13 week is very comon, my friend had her appt. had a heart beat, 3 days laters she m/c. just dont stress ur self out about it.


Stef - November 8

Yes of course you can misscarry at any time...but I believe the information we were seeking wasn't a sad story. We were looking for some rea__surance....not a neg story lacking details. Like was the heartbeat strong and how far along was she...or did she have any other symptoms or issues?? If you are going to offer info then give the full story!


hi - November 8 .This site states the statistics of miscarraiges and at what stage in pregnancy.Check it out if you see any - remove them to make the link work.


cc - November 8

I certainly don't want to alarm you, but I should tell you that a baby's heart starts pumping 20 days after conception. I saw and heard the heartbeat during an ultrasound seven wks into my first pregnancy, and miscarried 2 days later. Your best bet is to try and relax as much as possible the first 12 weeks.


Kathy S - November 8

To katelyn: Don't stress over the stressful fighting. My husband and I fought and I cried a lot during my last pg and the baby was just fine. A fetus can handle stress to a point. A stressful day or two a week even shouldn't cause problems. I miscarried a pg last year and we were getting along great and stress was lower and I lost the baby early on anyhow. Now I am pg again with twins and I am always upset or crying about something it seems...I do worry too about the stress and what it can do to the babies, but I'm not going to add extra stress by worrying about the initial stresses. There was a time in history when our bodies underwent daily physical and mental stresses that we could only imagine nowadays...and women managed to carry babies full term often enough. I think as long as we are not constantly stressed and frazzled, the stress of our lives nowadays should not cause harm. I know everyone is different, but just hang in there. You are getting further along and the hb is staying good and strong, that baby is a fighter! :-) Good luck and God Bless you!


a - November 10

This forum should be used to help women feel better about their situations...where women (and sometimes men) with common situations can come together and bond and help each other get through the rough patches. To the unnamed person(s), I'm sure you were just trying to offer advice and help Katelyn and Stef through their problem/concern, but maybe mentioning how many of your friends were successful at having healthy babies after hearing the heart beat might be nice too. If you read what Katelyn asked, you'd notice that she wasn't asking if it was possible...she was asking how likely. Please try to be kind to one another and patient. I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant with my second child and have found a lot of comfort from this particular website because the doctors thought for a time that my baby might have had Down Syndrome (it has since been proven false after an amnio) needless to say reading these positive stories really helped me get through the 2 week waiting period waiting for my results. I knew the posibility of having a child with problems could exist, however, I wanted to hear how many people were in my shoes that had a happy ending. Please know that I'm not critizing you, just wanted you to maybe try and understand where Stef is coming from. Of course we all want to know the truth, but it's nice to hear positive stories to help us not stress....which in the long run is better for the baby all the way around. We all know the possibility of losing a child extends far after's there for the life of your child. Some people lose their children when they're pregnant and some lose them is tragic at times so lets help each other focus on the positives so that we can always make the best of our time with our children. Good luck to everyone, I hope that everyone has a happy ending and beautiful baby to show for it at the end of the day. =)


Alison - November 11

I would like to comment on the "stress" side of your "question". I have an almost-5-yr-old daughter and a 12.3 day pregnancy. While pregnant with my daughter, I was under a lot of stress throughout the whole pregnancy. Hubby was extremely negative about having a baby with no stable income, so he didn't want to know that I was pregnant, let alone about anything that was worrying me. I was also traveling to work 2 hours on a Monday morning, staying "up there" for the week, traveling home Friday (then Thursday later in pregnancy) after work. I always seemed stressed. On Fridays and over the weekend, I did nursing duties, all the different shifts, but would have a sleep at hosp. before heading home after a night duty. At 16/40, my father (whom I dearly loved) died suddenly, adding to it all. I worked until 2/52 before due date (she was 4 days late!). From the moment he first saw her, my hubby fell in love with her - thank God! She was a great first baby - had an unsettled time every evening while I was trying to get dinner, but slept well at night in-between feeds. She has no personality or developmental problems that one might expect from a child born into a stressful household. So please, be encouraged! Hubby now is really looking forward to this baby - he even came to 12.3/40 scan yesterday (which showed everything was fine)! It's ironic that with the lack of stress this pregnancy, I'm looking at this site because, for the first time ever, I just had a bit of brown spotting!


sorry but true - November 11

I mc at 7wks and there was a fetal heartbeat before i mc so you can not really judge your chances by the heartbeat and if you don't like hearing that well sorry it happens you just have to hope you don't have it happen to you and I am not saying this to be mean at all just letting you know some pregnancy's are not viable and you lose them I am now 28wks with a healthy pregnancy so who knows why we mc at all I have 2 healthy sons and then a mc and now I am fine with this one good luck


a - November 14

To Sorry but True, Again, I think we're missing the point. The question wasn't "can i miscarry" it's was "how likely". I've been to many sites and I've read many things and I'm sorry, but you're incorrect when you say "you can not really judge your chances by the heartbeat", because it has been proven that your chances of losing your baby go down dramatically....not to say that it's a 100%, because lets face it, nothing in life is a 100% (I have a coworker whose wife lost their baby a week before their due date very tragic...and that's always in the back of my mind. They've since had a healthy beautiful baby)....but your chances do go down in terms of likelihood. Good luck with your new baby and congratulations. Best wishes.


Erin - November 14

After seeing a fetal heartbeat by TRANSABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND the risk is between 10-15% until ten weeks, at which point the risk of miscarriage goes down to three percent. It is higher, I think about 25%, for TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND. I saw baby with good heartbeat at 8 weeks via transv____al ultrasound. At the next ultrasound at ten weeks, it was dead. This was my 4th miscarriage, the third this year. With the others, I never saw an embryo, just an empty sac. I had lots of morning sickness, no bleeding, and was even taking progesterone supplements just in case. It was a complete shock. But I guess someone has to be the unlucky three percent. However, if you are looking for hope, my second pregnancy of the five I've had was successful - I do have a beautiful 8 year old daughter. I'm older now, so the deck is stacked, but I'll keep trying. I'm getting my test results back this week.


Ab - November 16

I went just yesterday to get a second ultrasound. The first one showed no baby and no heartbeat, but what appeared to be an empty sack, I was told I would soon miscarry. The second one just a few days later (six to be exact) showed a baby and a strong heartbeat. I then went to my midwifes office, she told me that a miscarrige after a strong heart beat (mine was 147) would be highly unlikely, but possible. Well I went because I was spotting and am STILL bleeding. She also told me that the reason that we are told to rest and what not is to know that we have done everything in our power to keep the baby safe. She also told me that the baby is safe and secure in the uterus, Did this rea__sure me? Not completely, that is why I looked it up. We as mothers to be just want a little rea__surance and comfort. To the original question, from what I was told, those are all good things in your favor, I wish you lots of luck. I also find it more comforting to get info from people who are or have been pregnant, not someone who had a friend who..... If its not your own information or you are not a person in the medical field, you might want to keep what you think you know to yourself.


maya - November 16

at my 11 week appointment I asked my doctor what my chances of mc were. He said to not worry that judging my the growth and vitality of the baby my chances had gone down from 12 percent to 3. I was so happy I had tears in my eyes! I doubt there is a date for when things get safer. each of our babies is developing at a different rate. but its around that time 11-13 weeks that the percentages get lower.


to a from sorry but true - November 16

the reason I put you can not judge your chances of mc by heartbeat is cause my fetus had a heartbeat and I still mc my chances may have been lower but the fact is I mc all the same with the fetus having a heartbeat so yes I agree your chances are lower but it is not impossible to mc with fetal heartbeat my point was you can not depend on your pregnancy being vialble based on the fetal heartbeat...


Leslie - November 18

To katelyn and everyone else who's wondering what the "statistics" are... If you heard the true numbers (if anyone REALLY knows what they are) is it going to ease your mind? I've had two miscarriages, and I'm 10 weeks pregnant again. I too have gone looking for "statistics" to tell me that my chances of miscarrying are lower, since I heard the heartbeat at 8 weeks 4 days. Even though I see all these numbers that say 5% or 3% or whatever, it still doesn't ease my mind. Listen to your doctor, but most importantly listen to your body. It will tell you more than anything. I don't know if my mind will be at ease until I actually SEE my baby in my arms. I say this to you, but I will probably be looking up statistics when I’m 12 weeks, and 13, and 14… and so on and so on, but I’m sure they won’t TRULY ease my mind. Just trust that things will be fine, and if they're not, you can make it through it.


Trina - November 21

My Dr. informed me that after seeing the heartbeat that your rate of m/c drops to 5 %. IT can still happen, but is less likely. Hope this helps I have had 2 m/c and this time (3rd preg.) saw a heartbeat for the first time. He was very positive, but you still have to play your cards right. Just try to do everything in your power to make it stick! LIke no caffeine etc., just don't take any chances. That is how I feel about it. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but I want to know in my heart that I am doing everything I can to help my baby be stong. Good luck, and remember the odds are in your favor. You have a 95% chance of carrying this baby to term.My thoughts are with you.



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